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What would we choose for a Father’s Day watch? As always, it would kind of depend on what the recipient would be into.
A car guy dad into motorsports might be looking at a chronograph, and our choices would be a square-shaped TAG Heuer Monaco for those that look to the classics or a TUDOR Black Bay Chrono for those that want something round. Both good solid choices with serious heritage.

TUDOR Black Bay Chrono

A dad with diving in his heart? An ORIS Carl Brashear bronze watch, inspired by a US Navy diver who overcame almost all the odds to become a leader in his field. His son followed in the steps of service as well, and flies helicopters rather than deep diving like his dad. Want to know more? Check out the Cuba Gooding movie “Men Of Honor.”

Something slightly different? We currently like the Montblanc 1858 Automatic 24H. Look carefully, it only has one hand. It is what’s called a regulator, and is based on the watches that would sit high on a factory wall to the watchmakers could all set their finished pieces to the correct time. Only one hand so there were less mistakes. This one though uses the 24 hour rather than the 12 hour system, and that single red hand does a full circle once a day rather than the usual two. Because the designers chose to keep the 12 o’clock noon indication at the top (rather than the usual 24 indicator as on most 24 hour military-time watches) daylight hours are on the top half and night time ones on the bottom. A refreshing change from most similar watches.
Want something rather classic? Our current choice is a somewhat simple ROLEX Oyster Perpetual 41 with a silver dial and gold indices. A timeless look in a timeless piece. A good reminder of the values of consistency, subtlety and history. This watch looks as current now as something that was purchased 60 years ago, and we actually have examples to prove that. So
this will be a classic another 60 years forward.
The best idea? Don’t surprise your dad. Tell him you want to go with him and look around and decide together. He may like the watch but he will love the time together.
Happy Father’s Day. Make your time count.

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