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By Botchi Santos and Alvin Uy

There is a room in the house, usually a spare room or garage space where the man of the house gets to decide what kind of décor (or clutter, depending on how you look at it) is placed there. For the rest of the house, it’s usually the wife who has a bigger say on how the interior would look. Usually called a “man cave” or sometimes known by other portmanteaus like manspace, mantuary or manland, it’s a space where a guy and his friends can hang out, talk about past exploits, have a few drinks and play with their toys and the décor usually has some sort of theme like a sports bar, industrial warehouse, race car garage and some even the interior of a spaceship straight from a sci-fi movie. Yes, men still have their toys, and these are mostly toys they grew up with and toys they probably couldn’t buy back then with their school allowances. 
We look at some of these man caves and here are their stories.

Wesley Tsai’s man cave

Wesley Tsai
Wes, as he is known to his friends, is an avid car enthusiast, loves to travel to new places with his family, and loves to build things. Whether he is building up / modifying his cars or his Lego sets, Wesley always has to keep his hands busy. Wes also enjoys collecting very rare, discontinued or limited-edition car parts. Right now, he is the head of the Fairlady Z Club Manila, the official Nissan Z Club of the Philippines.

Tsai’s Star Wars Lego collection

Aside from car parts and Lego, Wesley collects oddities from his travels: the seats from a decommissioned airline, a Jollibee logo, old-school arcade sets and more. Tsai’s ever-growing collection means he is running out of space and he now plans to extend his man cave next year.
Wes says his man cave is his inner sanctum that allows him to relax, also to think and focus on what he needs to do next. As an entrepreneur and father of two teenage girls, it’s refreshing to see someone who can fulfill his duties and obligations yet have time to enjoy his passion.

From Bentleys to Fiat Abarts to Ninebots, Pipo has all sorts of toys any car guy can wish for
The Alcantara man cave has over 3,000 miniature diecast cars

Pipo and Ryan Alcantara
This father and son tandem is the envy of every car guy on the block. Pipo and his family owns an art gallery called Art Circle Gallery and aside from his passion about Philippine art, he is definitely a passionate car guy. His passion has since been inherited by his kids, including Ryan. The Alcantaras have a spacious man cave/garage somewhere in QC area and a rest house in Lipa where they keep their valuable works of art and cars. He has as wide variety of cars ranging from exotic supercars to limited edition hot hatches and muscle cars like the Cobra. Aside from these, he has over 3,000 diecast scale model cars that he keeps in full display in specially made glass cabinets for their viewing pleasure.  On weekends, he and his friends would have their own fun runs from the metro all the way to their rest house in Lipa  where he does some of his entertaining.

Mike Barrion’s man cave
Life-size replica of Hans Solo frozen in carbonite

Mike Barrion
Mike is a hardcore Star Wars fan and also a passionate Knight Rider guy. As a professional soldier, takes his military background seriously by day and his military adventurism and passion extends even to his hobby. He joins his friends from various Star Wars special interest groups like Fight Saber, Rebel Legion, 501st Legion and the like and meet up fully garbed with their costumes and sometimes even engage in playful swordplay and fight scenes. His man cave is full of memorabilia and action figures. He also owns perhaps one of the most faithfully restored KITT car from the Knight Rider TV series fame and has been featured in various TV shows and publications. He also founded the Knight Rider PH Project Facebook fan page. Currently, he is renovating his man cave and hopefully we will get to visit him again soon.

Man Cave PH
There was a time Pac-Man was an arcade game and not a local Senator. We’ll bet many millennials probably did not know this. This site is a treasure trove of man cave stuff like officially licensed arcade games from Pac-Man, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter and indoor table games like slide hockey, foosball and billiards. Its customers are mostly man cave owners who probably used up their last school allowance peso playing arcade games and now that they have the means, would buy these machines to play with family members and friends. Here are some of the set ups by their customers like running coach and Classic Speed shop owner Rio Dela Cruz and Enrico Golez who have made multiple purchases from Man Cave PH.  Located at Wilson St., San Juan City, just look them up on Facebook @mancavephilippines or on YouTube (Man Cave PH) for more information. 

Arcade video games and indoor analog games offer great entertainment and conversation pieces
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