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Lexus Philippines is unveiling the refreshed ES midsized sedan in the last quarter of this year. The sleek, sophisticated, and stylish sedan is a tasteful refresh of the 7th generation ES sedan introduced globally in 2018. While everything we’ve come to know and love about this luxury sedan remains, here are a few things to know about the upcoming new ES. 

Lexus Chief Engineer Tetsuya Aoki describes how the ES has progressed throughout the years and shares what makes the new ES an amazing sedan in this video. (link here) https://youtu.be/Zmt0366QSBo

He reckons that driving the new ES is like putting on a well-tailored suit. It doesn’t only look good but fits and hugs your body well and is custom-made to allow freedom of movement. That is why the ES accounted for a quarter of Lexus’ 2020 sales figures. 

Since 1989, Lexus has continued to evolve the ES, and seven generations later, it continues to be a very popular model despite markets shifting to the crossover and SUV segment. Excellent driving dynamics and cabin comfort are among the most notable traits that continue in this generation ES.  On the outside, we see a sharper headlight design, new wheels (diameter size varies from each variant), and a modernized spindle design mesh grille that still have the signature Lexus look.  

While changes on the exterior are subtle, the big news is inside the cabin. Lexus says it sports a more generous with the leg room and continues to have maximizing comfort and support on the seats. The biggest change is the new infotainment system. In other markets, there’s a standard 8-inch touchscreen unit with an optional 12.3-inch display. The new dash layout also made better ergonomic sense to allow better and more intuitive controls for both driver and front passenger. Lexus also said that it designed the interiors of every new vehicle to blend to a driver-centric cockpit with spacious and comfortable areas for the passengers. Lexus continues this human-centered craftsmanship for the ES by bringing everything within reach. 

Lexus Takumi masters continue to hone and improve their artisanal skills to ensure each Lexus that comes out of the factory honors a legacy with nothing but the best handcrafted vehicles while making sure it produces the most reliable luxury vehicles in the planet at a reasonable price point. 

Lexus Philippines did not give a specific date for the launch but it will be sometime fourth quarter and interested buyers can visit the Lexus website at https://fal.cn/3gifI or visit its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram @lexusmanila. For a more intimate session, buyers are encouraged to book a consultation with a Lexus personal sales consultant by visiting the Lexus Remote page at https://fal.cn/3eSWW with all the best safety protocol practices for showroom visitations. 

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