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My favorite question during a dinner party: How much is enough?
It’s a tough question because there is no correct answer. It differs from one person to the next. But just like any success book, the first thing you need to do is to set up a goal or visualize the finish line. So for a car enthusiast whose ultimate goal is to own some of the best drool-worthy machines, how many sports cars are enough?
Why is this question so important? People don’t want to be forever on the rat race, but the desire is continuous and forever evolving. Evolving in a way that once you get to your first finish line, you tend to create a new one. Think of it this way: he just bought a Porsche and now has his sights on a Ferrari.
With the cost of a sports car nowadays (some are more expensive than houses.) Plus the automatic depreciation the moment it crosses the threshold of the dealership. Owning a supercar, especially for a married couple, is a “couple decision.”  
If my husband decides that buying a La Ferrari is more important than having a house and sending my kids to college, I might turn on him during his sleep. I know that it’s a common joke that he can live inside the car, but that multimillion-peso car doesn’t even have a bathroom. He will end up crawling back to my house. 
Some people might say, is there ever such a thing as enough? And some say that “impossible is nothing” and thus, don’t limit yourself. Well, let me read the fine print to you: all resources such as time, money, and efforts are finite unless you are an immortal vampire who can drink your debtors’ blood when they become a nuisance. 
Although I am a firm believer in abundance, there is also such as thing as too much. So to be able to answer this question, here are some steps that can help you formulate your answer. 

Define enough
What does enough look like for you? You would probably think “enough” means the pinnacle of success or your ultimate life goal. So what does your day look like? How much money is in the bank or other instruments; how many cars, and what cars do you have? Visualize and write it down. 

What are the speed bumps?
What is stopping you? Is it your wife, kids, or money? Why are they roadblocks? From this reflection, you will figure out what is stopping you from achieving your goals and what is your action plan to overcome them.

What are you willing to sacrifice? 
Sell a child or a kidney? Since all things are finite, every time you choose something, there is always an opportunity cost. For example, if you want to buy a supercar, you need X amount to earn per month. To earn that amount, you need to work for X amount of days or make X amount of deals. You would need to forego vacations, time with family, or going to Starbucks every day. Is having this car worth all of these? Will you not regret giving them up?Of course, this is not applicable to trust fund babies or Conglomerates COO ( child of the owner).

What are specs and features you can’t live without? 
What are the non-negotiables? This time you will be negotiating with yourself. You might be able to give up Starbucks every day, but time with your family is a “NO” ( I certainly hope so). How will you make this work? This is the time to be creative. Maybe instead of a 2021 brand new Aston Martin, you will settle for a demo unit or second-hand? 

Are you on the right road?
With all that is said and done, is the way you live now the right road to success? What are the things you are doing now that are not aligned with your quest for “Enough”?
Yes, you are right. This is a life improvement article under the disguise of a car-related piece. But take it from a wife of a sportscar enthusiast (although mine is on a leash of his own doing, he is kuripot, you see). I have seen a lot of marriages where resentment starts from passions like this. Asking this question and doing this exercise will lessen the friction and turn this desire into a source of inspiration for both of you.
As much as we feature the “take my money” cars all the time, we also don’t want it to be your Achilles heel. So if you have these desires, it’s best to discuss with yourself or your partner why and how you can have them. And yes, please remember you can’t sell both your kidneys. 

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