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World-famous single malt Scotch whisky brand Macallan partnered recently with ultra-luxury automotive brand Bentley in a very unique partnership that would develop and build both their rich heritage on the new future with sustainability in mind. Since these those exclusive brands are united by their dedication to their craft, the collaboration will further enhance their understanding of each other’s passion, techniques and mastery with a culture of excellence.

The global announcement came as an announcement at the Macallan Estate in the Speyside region of Scotland, where the new hybrid Bentley model was also unveiled. The collaboration brings together an immersion in the common traits each brand possesses that its very exclusive clientele has learned to appreciate in the past century. 

“Transforming Bentley into the world’s most sustainable luxury car company is an exciting journey, and I am delighted to be working with The Macallan with one common goal – to both lead our fields as we work towards a more sustainable future. We will learn from each other in the coming months and years to advance our programs together, and on the way work on some truly extraordinary projects and products. Our brands are two that share the same ethos – the passion for exceptional quality, a respect for the artisanal handcraftsmanship, and now a drive towards genuine, world-leading sustainability. I’m looking forward to the adventure together.”

Adrian Hallmark, Bentley chairman and CEO

The luxury auto brand aims to have its entire product range electrified by 2023, having its first battery-electric Bentley by 2024 and an electric-only range by 2030. The Bentley Crewe plant is the first carbon-neutral factory for luxury cars in the world and it extends its carbon-neutrality across its entire business. The partnership aims to share its journey to carbon neutrality, advance its research on sourcing of sustainable materials and find ways to have locally available sustainable suppliers. 

Igor Bayadijan, the Managing Director for The Macallan – “The Macallan and Bentley Motors each have a rich past, and shared values of mastery, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. Our collaboration presents a remarkable opportunity to compare our time-earned knowledge and learn from each other, supporting fresh thinking about our businesses, our customers and ultimately, our products. A key focus of the partnership will be our commitment to a more sustainable future. The breath-taking natural landscape at The Macallan Estate provides the perfect platform for us to embark together on this exciting and extraordinary journey.” 

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