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Cleaning and disinfection are essential these days—they have become integral in the wider drive to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 and its highly infectious variants. High-touch surfaces—including but not limited to door handles, light switches, computer keyboards, and even car door knobs and steering wheel—have long been identified as key vector in the spread of infection. 
But with hundreds of disinfection products flooding the market, the main challenge for consumers is how to identify which ones are safe and effective in dealing with COVID-19. Alcohols and aerosol disinfectants are common. Then there are humidifiers and other disinfection machines that are being used extensively in homes, hospitals, and restaurants.
Interestingly, few people forgot to disinfect their vehicles when in fact they stay inside their rides longer than they are in their kitchens and bathrooms. Hence, the right type of disinfection is crucial when it comes to keeping the interior of  vehicle safe from COVID-19, according to Autovolution Inc., which markets Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution for vehicle interior.
But what makes a disinfection product truly dependable for us to spend our hard earned money and risk our health on?
When it comes to Bactakleen, the product uses a proven technology that is widely used in Japan and in the United States. The Ultra Mist Solution employs a specially designed fumigation device that converts the product’s concentrated solution into microscopic cleaning particles. This ultra-fine mist—atomized—remain suspended in the vehicle’s interior for several minutes and as a result, reach even hidden recesses of the vehicle including the air conditioning system, vents and spaces under the seats, seat crevices and flooring where deadly if not foul odor-causing germs, bacterial and viruses thrive.
Here are some testimonies of happy and satisfied customers using Bactakleen:
• Raffy G. Severe, COVID-19 survivor, is a sales manager of a medium-size company who has a history of heart and circulatory disorders, diabetes, hypertension and gout and, has not yet been vaccinated due to inefficient LGU scheduling, has this to say: “I would not want any of my family or friends to suffer, what I have gone through. It was not easy as I was hospitalized due to Severe COVID-19 infection for 12 days and my bill reached about P1.8 million. I will not take chances anymore so I will disinfect my car and house with BactaKleen.”
• Mike T, a sales coordinator of a Pasig-based company and with existing health problems said: “I was scared because four of my close officemates were infected with COVID-19. Yes, I wear face mask and shield, socially distance myself and hand sanitize  but these officemates of mine that got positive for COVID-19 rode my car, and possible contamination could happen via the interior surfaces of my car. Good thing I was using BactaKleen on my car regularly for over a year now. Luckily, I was spared from the infection.” 
Raffy and Mike are just among the hundreds of thousands happy and satisfied BactaKleen users. In fact many celebrities and social media personnel are in approval of this disinfection service as they have been using Bactakleen car disinfection since the start of the pandemic. They are astounded by the fact that aside from their ride, being securely sanitized, their lives as drivers or as passengers are now safer because of the non-toxic and organic components contained in the product.
The plant-based, all-natural ingredients (botanical extracts) of Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution was recently certified by SGS of Malaysia to be 99.99 percent effective in killing the human coronavirus (which include COVID-19, the virus that causes the Middle East respiratory syndrome or MERS-CoV and sudden acute respiratory syndrome or SARS). Likewise, the TUV laboratory in Hungary found the same product to be 99.99 percent toxic to human coronavirus. Both SGS and TUV are internationally recognized certification bodies. Recently, Microbac—a known American based laboratory- tested that Bactakleen Ultra Mist passed the Virucidal Hard-Surface Efficacy Test related to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Related Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) (COVID-19 Virus).
With the surge of COVID-19-related cases and presence of new variants of the virus, BactakLeen is now, not only the safest car disinfection product as it also the most affordable: at only P11 a day, with a two to three months efficacy as certified by ChemLab of Malaysia, Bactakleen Ultra Mist makes a dependable and reliable partner for your vehicle. Don’t risk your money and health with other ordinary and untested disinfection, use Bactakleen.
 For more information, you may contact 7978-5353 or visit their Facebook page at Bactakleen PH. This product is also available in all Mitsubishi dealers nationwide.

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