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Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility projects is a common practice for companies. CSR activities allow the corporations to give back to the communities that have harbored their facilities and their people. In the grander scale of things, CSR lets the company practice corporate citizenship and lets them participate in the upliftment of social, economic and environmental aspects of society. 

Of course, CSR involves making use of the company’s time and money. And in the challenging pandemic environment currently facing the automotive industry, it would not be surprising to hold off from CSR activities for a short while. But not for Mazda Philippines. 

Together with the MFI Polytechnic Institute, Bermaz Auto Philippines, the distributor of Mazda vehicles in the country, is once again searching for 10 young men and women who will make up the next batch of students to be sponsored by the company. Now in its 8th year, the partnership has paved the way for about 260 youths to enroll in the institute’s 2-year Automotive Technology course. 

The first year of the program sees students take on academics and school work. This includes learning about the latest Mazda engine technologies as the students make use of the different mechanical  components donated by Mazda Philippines. 

In their second year, students are immersed in the different Mazda dealerships for on-the-job training. Here, they are exposed to the practical application of what they learned in school. 

Currently, 40 students are now taking the course under Mazda Philippines’ sponsorship and guidance. And with a new batch coming in this year, there is more potential to hone and develop future technicians, mechanics, and even administrators for the automotive industry. 

Mazda Philippines now has 5 of these MFI scholars under its payroll handling various jobs at its head office. Even more are now working in various Mazda dealerships as well as other service centers of competing brands. 
Ramon Buan, Mazda Philippines Parts and Technical Manager, has overseen the project since 2014. And he knows how much of a contribution the program has given back to society. “I am extremely proud of our Mazda scholars and I know they are doing well wherever they are now, because of the program,” says Buan.

“We truly believe that education is essential to break the cycle of poverty, which perfectly describes the background from where these students came from,” he adds.  “And by continuing with this valuable partnership, we will also continue to transform the lives of many families.”
According to Eduardo Lendio, Placement Associate of MFI Polytechnic Institute, the TESDA-accredited scholarship program with Mazda Philippines is designed to recruit the most deserving students whose families are financially unable to support their child’s higher education.

“We are very grateful to Bermaz Auto Philippines, and proud to work in partnership with them in the 8th year of the program,” shares Lendio. 

Given the hard times many are facing with the pandemic and resulting economic downturn, it is still a wonder that companies like Mazda Philippines continue to set aside a chunk of its budget to keep the program going. As our country’s most important resource, future generations deserve to get a fair shot in life. Lucky for many of them, companies like Mazda Philippines are willing to put down money where it matters.

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