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Volvo Philippines is looking forward to a more electrifying future with a powerhouse pack of Plug-in hybrids. With the Volvo XC60, XC90, and S90 Plug-in variants in its range, the company is optimistic about reaching its local and global goals.

As the first luxury automotive group to launch a line of plug-in hybrids in the country, Volvo Philippines continues its dedication to the local market with safe and sustainable mobility options. 

Plug-in electric S90

A leader in sustainable mobility
Volvo Philippines’ range of plug-in hybrid models offers a no-compromise combination of plug-in battery electric power and an efficient petrol engine. These vehicles provide low to zero tailpipe emissions, excellent flexibility, and a powerful driving experience. 

The additional electric motor in every Volvo Plug-in Hybrid model supports the combustion engine for low CO2 emissions. What’s more, the three drive modes offer excellent flexibility that allows you to glide through your day with zero tailpipe emissions in Pure electric mode, zoom through it in Power mode, or maximize efficiency and range with Hybrid mode.

Available locally in T8 Twin Engine powertrains, a Volvo plug-in hybrid can deliver over 407 hp and 640 Nm. Combined electric and petrol power gives effortless performance and a smooth, refined drive in all conditions.

Volvo IntelliSafe Assist

A pioneer in safety
Volvo Cars is known all over the world for its legendary safety technology. With numerous world firsts such as the three-point safety belt, the rearward-facing child seat, and the pedestrian detection with full auto brake, Volvo’s vision that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car continues to save lives every day.

Then, it is no wonder that all Volvo vehicles continue to carry the trademark Volvo safety DNA. These Plug-in vehicles provide not only safe breathing space for their occupants but also an environment where everyone can enjoy the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable, and safe way.


A future, redefined
Volvo Cars have always put people at the core of its operations. By placing your needs first — using the best available technology to serve you, inventing new technology where none already exists, and combining technologies to deliver unique experiences — Volvo continues to drive into an electrifying future.

With a clear focus on three key innovation areas — connectivity, propulsion, and safety, Volvo envisions a not-too-distant future where the world is fully connected and electric vehicles are the answer to personal mobility needs.

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