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Return of Giti-Formula V1 races shows readiness for normalcy

Return of Giti-Formula V1 races shows readiness for normalcy

Jeanette Tuason

We are returning to the racetrack this weekend.

The Giti-Formula V1 Race Challenge took a hiatus last year but pivoted to become the first homegrown online racing game. This single-seater formula car challenge was also the country’s first formula car race series after several years of rest following the 2007 financial crisis for those whose memory needs to be refreshed.

This potential regional one-make race series has the possible answer to motorsports’ most grueling puzzle -the cost. Partly made in Japan and the rest in the Philippines, its business model gives racers a step closer to their dream and a business opportunity for its would-be organizers in other countries. Phoenix Pulse Fuels support the series with Giti Tires, PLDT home, Family Mart, Limitless, Brembo, West Racing, and OMP.

Of course, COVID came, sending regional races to a complete stop, and the world went on a standstill. While others countries are almost back to normal, and ours taking baby steps, how does organizing and putting up a physical race mimic our life with a problem like Delta (variant of the coronavirus)?

Overcoming uncertainty

One of the most significant stress factors for the organizers and the racers is uncertainty. Will it push through? Am I going to be able to race? What if I get infected during the race? Businesses all over the world face the same situation. It is the biggest factor that affects people’s mental health. But how do we overcome uncertainty? On our side, we accepted that everything could change once there are two lines on your antigen test. It helps to discuss the worst-case scenario. As we always fear the unknown, after this exercise, you can plan for possible issues that can arise. In life, we need to have a Plan B that can be set in motion just in case. 

Safety beyond driving

Before, we used to pray for a safe race with no big accidents. Today, we also pray that no one gets infected. Keeping the attendance of the race at a minimum is one of the changes we have seen. Keeping people’s interactions at a minimum, such as online driver’s briefings and meetings, has become a norm.
Choosing your battles 

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COVID taught me to choose which places I need to go to and which people I need to see. If I know you have something very important to attend, like visiting a loved one, I will make sure to quarantine and test before visiting them. Skipping some get-togethers or finding other ways to fulfill my responsibility more safely. Same with racing, sometimes you need to lose the race to win the championship. 

Some racers crash or take themselves out of the race when they are alone on the track. The reason? Monotony. You see, when you are not battling it out with someone going around and around the track can be pretty dull, and your concentration can slip. Sometimes, when we see that people are getting more relaxed with their safety protocols, we also lose our concentration. Making your safety protocols a habit will keep you safe from the virus.
Sharing with you some behind-the-scenes look at the excitement at the Clark International Speedway.

Full coverage will be shown on the Tuason Racing Facebook page on October 20, 2021.