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Motoring VIPs share excitement, post #ExperienceExcel stories

Motoring VIPs share excitement, post #ExperienceExcel stories


Breakthrough products are always welcome and for motorists learning about the New Excel 24, Motolite’s latest and most advanced battery model, they look forward to having a high performance and longer-lasting power source.
Well-known motoring enthusiasts and even car racing aficionados have been taking to social media to share their stories on the reliability of Motolite Excel through the years using the hashtag #ExperienceExcel. Even officers and members of the different car clubs in the country are also sharing their excitement in experiencing the New Excel 24 via public Facebook posts or the respective community pages.
Here are some of their posts: 

Gabie Desales Racing: “Excited to #ExperienceExcel with the new and latest Motolite Excel. Been a Motolite user both on and off the track since I started driving and definitely the most reliable and best performing. The New Excel is a product of German technology and tropicalized technology, which makes it more adaptable for our extremely hot weather. EXCELlent customer service too! You’ll never have to worry about getting your cars serviced anytime, anywhere.”

Toyota Rush Club Philippines member @Zei FeBenito: “What’s good about a Monday morning? Got my Motolite Excel Battery!!! So smooth and fast!!!”

C! Magazine Editor Steven Edward Yu: “Years back I got an entry-level Motolite Enduro (warranted for 15 months) to last almost four years (actually 45 months—30 months beyond the warranty period). I’m optimistic that the New Excel will match or beat that record, because unlike other batteries, it is tropicalized—built to withstand our desert-like ambient and underhood temperatures, and I’m told it will incorporate some neat German technology that will boost its already legendary performance, and prevent explosions—a reportedly random phenomenon with another battery brand.”

Arlan Reyes of Dimap Rally Team: “Motolite batteries are proudly Filipino-made and they surpass the standards set as OEM supplier for local production of Toyota and Mitsubishi vehicles. This fact alone gives me confidence to rely on this vital electrical component in rallycross cars and daily rides. Motolite has never failed me in cranking up the high compression engine despite the hot tropical weather, dusty conditions, and severe vibrations the car is subjected to on the track. We are looking forward to getting our hands on the new Motolite Excel tropicalized battery which now has advanced German technology. Surely these features will enhance the performance and make this a very dependable battery.”

Vios Nation: “Thank you Motolite for continuing to improve your technology for motorists to have a battery that is truly safe, reliable and long-lasting ! Talagang pangmatagalang kasama. Looking forward to trying out the new Motolite Excel soon.”

Corona ST171 Philippines said: “Motolite has been the trusted brand in automotive batteries for all time. Basta pag baterya, mag Motolite ka. Since then, up to today. I’m now excited to try the new Motolite Excel. Am pretty sure these guys made it even better than what is still the best. Tropicalized to tailor fit our ridiculous climates and tested pangmatagalan. Utilizing Euro German technology at its best. No, we are not copycats. Motolite is on a standard of its own. Reliable performance when you need it most. For private cars on long holiday road trips to the everyday demand of commercial delivery vehicles. Trust in Motolite.”

Robby Consunji: “The Land Rover Club of the Philippines looks forward to trying out the new Excel, the latest and best battery of Motolite.”

Team Denso Auto Syndicate’s Jo Ren: “Sila lang naman ang nag-iisa sa merkado ang may 24/7 hotline at halos saan man sulok ng Pilipinas ay meron Motolite center. Ngayong pandemic, ako mismo nasubukan ko sila at hindi ako nag-iisa at nagkamali dahil marami sa grupo at kaibigan ko nakasubok nito. Ginamit ko yung Res-Q App sa mismong araw na yun at dumating si Manong Motolite.” 

Chic Sobritchea Torres of the BMW South Bimmer Club: “The New Motolite Excel maintenance free battery for performance cars meets and exceeds the electrical demands of a wide range of 2WDs & 4WDs and larger performance vehicles. It has high power and capacity capable of delivering dependable power for vehicles with high energy demands.”

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Raul P. Tuason: “And in my years of rallying and racing, we’ve always used Motolite to power our cars. This is why whether in competition or in daily drive, no other brands have replaced the battery which powered my cars. And being designed for the tropical country we have, I’m even confident this Motolite Excel will last.”

Topspec Allen of Picanto Club: Bilis ng panahon, tatlong taon na ang workhorse namin. Kasama sa pagkuha ng materials, installation trabaho at syempre bakasyon. Since then, di pa naming pinalitan existing na Motolite battery na nakalagay dahil tiwala naman kami. Ni di namin alam kung ilan taon na talaga yung baterya. Pero ngayon para makasigurado, papalitan na namin ng bagong Motolite Excel para wala na kami iisipin.”

JFelix Villareal: “I heard that Motolite will be releasing the newest and latest battery that beats out all the competition and I am very excited and looking forward to #ExperienceExcel. ‘San Ka pa? With German technology, Tropicalized, bagay sa ‘Pinas, and has the best battery performance.”

IN MAIN PHOTO: Automotive Association Philippines 90th Anniversary Grand Raffle Prize winner Dr. Constancio Reyes (2nd from left) received a gift coupon for a replacement battery from Motolite Trade Development Manager Gerom Aquino (2nd from right) when the brand-new 2021 Toyota Fortuner grand prize was delivered to his residence. AAP President Joe Ferreria (extreme right)) and AAP COO Mark Desales (extreme left) witnessed the turnover.