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Soldiers of Fortuner

Soldiers of Fortuner

Life is always good for owners of Toyota’s time-tested SUV 

The Fortuner is one of Toyota’s most important vehicles, straddling the balance of good volume and good margins per car. It’s a vehicle which single-handedly shaped the PPV 7-seater SUV segment, forcing other manufacturers to follow suit, designing a modular platform spun off from a pick-up which could be used for a 2-box SUV body, or MPV.

Thanks to its massive following and popularity, the Toyota Fortuner has sold over 220,000 units in the Philippines alone since its launch in 2005. And the number continues to grow as people desire a go-anywhere and stylish vehicle that can safely take them to places off the beaten path, confidently cross flash floods and project an outdoorsy active lifestyle, yet be the versatile family car that seats seven in a pinch, five adults on long drive with gear, and a capable off-road adventure vehicle to boot. All while being a sensible and reliable Toyota that will offer years of problem-free service. 

Many people have stories to share about their Fortuner. Loyal Toyota customers like architect Wilbye Manlutac (shown in main photo) for example. The Fortuner is a perfect match for brave business owners and visionary young professionals paving their way to a better future, and each Fortuner safely guides its owners and passengers as they lead their everyday lives. Manlutac, can attest to the reliability and trustworthiness of his SUV.

 “My family first owned a 2007 model of the Fortuner before switching to the 2018 model. The older model’s reliability and efficiency served as our main reason for getting the newer version,” Manlutac shared.

“Having experienced two models of the Fortuner, I can say that Toyota does an amazing job designing cars that deliver on both function and form. Luxury and comfort are definitely something that the Fortuner offers at the perfect balance.”

architect Wilbye Manlutac, Loyal Toyota customer
The perfect balance between function and comfort of the Fortuner convinced Arch. Wilbye Manlutac (middle) and his family to patronize the model 

Being ahead of the pack entails knowing how to work hard but also when to play hard. Flexibility spells the difference for those that excel. Being well-equipped for various driving situations, the Fortuner is a worthy companion, whether on new ventures or on daily journeys as attested to by another Toyota Fortuner fan, Crysler David, an owner since 2019. 

“My fondest memories with Lisha (my Fortuner’s name) are the long drives I’ve taken with it. Driving Lisha to exciting places like La Union and Pangasinan with my friends is always an adventure,” Crysler said. 

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Today’s Fortuner is feature packed. From it’s latest VNT-equipped 2.4 and 2.8 later CRDi diesel engines that deliver 204ps / 500 NM of torque and 150ps / 400 NM of torque respectively, driving either two or four wheel drive 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions.It’s also packed with the latest in entertainment: Apple CarPlay / Android Auto is available across all variants, with a JBL 9-speaker surround sound system, turning your Fortuner into a veritable concert hall, so you can be energetic on long drives listening to cool music, or in traffic where the music can soothe your senses.

You can have as many as seven airbags on the top-spec LTD models, with traction / stability control plus ABS-EBD brakes with emergency brake assist. There’s also the Toyota Safety Sense that offers Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control. You also get safety features such as rear cross traffic alert, panoramic view monitor and a blind spot monitor

For me perhaps, this is the single most important aspect of the Fortuner which I am very much thankful for. A brother of mine got into a freak accident. He was cruising along when a vehicle on the opposite lane of a two-lane national road drove through standing water, aqua-planed and lost control which resulted into a head-on collision with my brother who was then driving the previous generation Fortuner. The accident destroyed the front end and most of the front suspension of my brother’s Fortuner but thankfully my brother stepped out fine, shell-shocked but with no serious injuries even after a thorough medical check-up. My brother estimates that they were driving at around ~60kmh, the speed limit and the other vehicle was driving at a slightly faster pace. The actual effective speed at impact would have been easily equivalent to slamming into a solid wall at 120km/h or more. Miraculously, the car was repaired after five weeks and ran like nothing ever happened and my brother kept the car for another 18 or so months and it never gave him any grief until it was sold. Safety, performance, reliability, all backed up in a stylish body packed with the latest in safety and convenience technology, backed up by arguably the best and biggest name in motoring. It’s easy to see why the Fortuner remains to be a popular choice in today’s highly-demanding automotive marketplace.