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A Honda promo for post-Covid ‘revenge trippers’

A Honda promo for post-Covid ‘revenge trippers’

Tessa R. Salazar

Where can P100,000 take you nowadays? Given that pump prices have increased for the nth time this year, taking gasoline prices to upwards of P57 per liter, that hundred grand can still buy you more than 1,750 liters of gasoline. That’s enough fossil fuel to take you, your companions, and your car on a cross-country joyride of the Philippines, end-to-end, for around eight times.

That sounds like a dream road trip, especially now that, as the pandemic rages on, travel between regions of the country are still quite restricted.

But imagine the day when the virus is finally contained, and citizens are allowed, at last, to travel unrestricted. After all those months of being cooped up in our homes, the idea of unlimited travel becomes so doable again.

Thus, post-Covid, we may see the rise of “revenge trippers”, road trippers relishing the experience of traveling the countryside to shed off that traumatic experience of restricted movement for almost two years. The tourism and motoring industries will bounce back in this scenario, no doubt.

And so, imagine yourself being part of that crowd of “revenge trippers”. Now imagine doing that with the Honda Civic Type R or Odyssey.

Maybe you need not imagine it anymore, and start preparing for its impending reality. Honda Cars Philippines Inc (HCPI), Honda’s automobile business unit in the Philippines should make this process easier as it promotes its “Drive the Dream” campaign for its 31st anniversary.

This campaign effectively slashes P100,000 from the retail price of the 2021 New Civic Type R 2.0 VTEC Turbo with Honda Sensing and the 2020 Odyssey 2.4 EX-V Navi CVT, bringing down the SRPs of the two vehicles to P3,110,000 and P2,598,000, respectively.

Other Honda models’ prices have been discounted, as well. Buyers of the 2022 Accord 1.5 EL Turbo CVT will enjoy a P60,000 discount, bringing its SRP down to P2,290,000, while a P55,000 discount awaits buyers of the 2020 Civic 1.8 E CVT (SRP of P1,133,000). On the other hand, P45,000 will be slashed from 2021 All-New City 1.5 S CVT for a discounted SRP of P843,000, while P20,000 will be discounted from the 2021 Jazz 1.5 RS Navi CVT for its promo SRP of P1,070,000.

A P10,000 discount will be applied to the following Honda models: The 2021 BR-V 1.5 V CVT (promo SRP of P1,148,000); the 2021 Brio 1.2 V CVT (promo price at P651,000); the 2022 New CR-V S Diesel 9AT (7-Seater) with a promo SRP of P1,878,000, and; the 2021 HR-V 1.8 E CVT (promo SRP of P1,286,000).

HCPI said that its ongoing “Drive the Dream” promo is good only up to Oct. 31, 2021. Within the campaign, HCPI also offers low all-in downpayment and low monthly amortization for Honda vehicles. The low all-in downpayment would be equivalent to 10% of the model’s SRP, the regular low all-in DP would be based on 15% of the model price, while the low monthly amortization will be based on 20% down payment at a 60-month payment term.

“As we celebrate our 31st anniversary in the Philippines, HCPI reaffirms its commitment to provide world-class mobility as we navigate these challenging times. Through our vehicles, we aim to serve Filipinos with the joy of expanding their life’s potential and keep them safe,” said Masahiko Nakamura, President of HCPI.

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Something for current Honda owners, too

Lest current Honda owners think that only prospective buyers will get all the fun in HCPI’s anniversary month, an upgrade program is now in effect for them.

All current Honda vehicle owners who purchase any variant of the City (sedan), BR-V, Brio, Civic, CR-V, and HR-V will receive an additional P5,000 cash discount on top of other cash promotions offered for the month.
Discounts are likewise available on Honda accessories. Customers may avail of the 31-percent off on prices of select car accessories for the all-new City sedan and hatchback, and other Honda models at any Honda Cars dealership nationwide.

A special all-in financing program is also applicable for 10-percent down payment with 36 to 60 months payment terms for select models. Moreover, customers are entitled to different financing promo offers such as low cash-out, low monthly amortization, free one-month amortization at 15%, 20%, and 25% all-in downpayment offers.

All these offers include a three-year LTO registration and chattel mortgage and free one-year comprehensive insurance with acts of nature coverage through select bank partners. Customers may submit their bank loan applications online at through the auto loan link page for select bank partners.