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Yamaha unveils artsy 45-foot mural in BGC inspired by MIO’s campaign, ‘What’s Your Culture?’

Yamaha unveils artsy 45-foot mural in BGC inspired by MIO’s campaign, ‘What’s Your Culture?’


Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. recently unveiled a trendy 45-foot mural at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. It’s an artwork that revolves around—and heavily inspired by—Mio’s campaign, “What’s your culture?”

It’s a loaded question-turned-campaign slogan, for sure, but one that allows individuals to take pause and think of a meaningful answer to it. The mural, in fact, features many types of cultures, all interconnected with one another.

One thing that connects Yamaha Mio and the gigantic mural is art—the former is literally art in motion, a masterpiece on the road; while the mural is an expression of creativity. Both are eye candy and colorful, yet full of depth and meaning.

High up, the mural is highly visible from the road, seen by pedestrians and motorists alike. At 45 x 80ft, it’s big enough to catch—and hold—one’s attention. And with the adjacent property a parking lot, there’s nothing to block it from view.

The mural is a delight to see. At first glance, you’d think it was an abstract painting, until you look at the details. In reality, the artwork features several segments, each highlighting a different character—there’s the Gamer, the Thrill-Seeker/Speed Junkie, the Artist, a Chef, and a Trendsetter.

Created by artist Glenford Lumbao, the mural is based on the traditional craft of weaving, symbolizing the intertwining of the different Filipino lifestyles, no matter how different they may seem. In this mural, the aim is to make people identify their Mio Culture and realize that even with the different cultures, Mio brings people together, tied by their passion for riding.

“The mural depicts the Filipino culture. It’s a tapestry that shows how each character’s narrative is interweaved with each other; how our stories are interconnected with one another,” Lumbao said.

Circular in nature, the mural shows the Mio motorcycles integrated in each frame, showcasing how essential and integral it is in the lives of many Filipinos; how the Yamaha Mio isn’t just a motorcycle, but a unit that moves the community forward to their intended destinations, especially in the “new normal” and beyond.

What’s great about the different Mio motorcycle models is that each of them has a different personality—all of which were integrated into the Mio mural. There’s Mio Sporty (a Culture of Distinction), Mio i125 (a Culture of Trend and Style), Mio Soul i15 (a Culture of Fierce Authenticity).

There’s also the Mio Gravis (a Culture of Refined Versatility), and Mio Aerox (a Culture of Unrivaled Precision)

The mural is a testament to the power of art and story. For Yamaha, it’s another way to connect with Mio lovers and supporters, as well as the riding community at large.

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It’s commendable, too, to see a big brand like Yamaha launching a huge and important campaign in the physical world (through the mural), as opposed to the online route. Choosing to lead the campaign with a mural and entrusting a rising artist like Lumbao also speaks volumes to the brand’s commitment to art.

The project, located at the W Building (along the corner of 30th street and 9th avenue), was made in collaboration with the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.

Whatever your answer is to the tagline “What’s your culture?” written right smack in the middle of the mural, Yamaha wants you to “Own the culture.” The #1 automatic motorcycle brand in the Philippines wants you to be proud of who you are, live your own brand—and let the world know about it.

The mural isn’t just a big advertising play for Mio. For Yamaha, it’s a reminder to the riding public that a brighter tomorrow is in the offing. And that, pandemic or not, you should own and live the culture you belong in or would like to belong to. Because with Mio, you are the hero of your culture.

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