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Easy like Sunday morning

Easy like Sunday morning

Mikko David

Activities you can do on Sundays with your ride as we all slowly return to the way things were    

As Metro Manila enjoys its first full week of the new Alert Level 3 quarantine status, more and more people have ventured out to not only go back to work, but also to once again enjoy the open spaces outside of their homes. 

For some, it has been a year and a half since they have stayed at home. But with Covid-19 vaccination rolling out at a faster pace, about 8 million residents of Metro Manila are said to be fully vaccinated already, more sectors of the economy are opening up. And with it, more people are back on the road, driving their cars and riding their motorcycles again.

Now, in case you are no longer used to a workweek using your vehicle to get around, you might find it odd to be left with one day in the week where you can actually enjoy driving. Instead of being stuck in perennial traffic, Sundays can be the perfect day to enjoy using your car or motorcycle. Or at least spending some time bonding with it. 

Here are some easy activities you can do on Sundays with your ride as we all slowly return to the way things were.

Go for a morning fun run

Tagaytay? Clark? How about cruising on the whole length of Skyway? These are just some of the Sunday drive destinations anyone stuck in Metro Manila can easily undertake. The lesser volume of cars on a Sunday means a more relaxing drive. 

One pro tip is to start really early so you can return home early as well. You would  do well to avoid Marilaque and Tanay on Sundays though, unless you own a motorcycle.

Clean your car

It is difficult to find time during the work week to clean your car. But a clean car makes driving to and from work a more pleasant experience. You don’t wear soiled clothes to work, right? So use your Sunday to get your car ready for the coming week. 

Vacuum the interiors, wash the exteriors, throw away trash that may have accumulated over the week. You’ll find that a car that is tidy can help lighten your mood the next time you are stuck in traffic. 

Go for a detailing job

Now this is a whole new level of bonding with your ride. Because of the pandemic, disinfecting your car often is pretty much necessary. Use your Sunday to give your car or motorbike a thorough once over. Use a disinfectant solution and a clean cloth to wipe down high-touch surfaces like door handles, armrests, handlebars, buttons and switches. Best to even make your way to the often neglected aircon louvers where dust usually accumulates. 

Wax your ride. Buff-off oil and grime on your windshield and windows. Wash-off brake dust from the wheels. Steam-clean the seats. Or schedule a professional to do it all for you on a Sunday. Your ridewill thank you for it. 

Have your car blessed

For Roman Catholics out there,  having your guardian angel as a co-pilot in every drive provides a reassuring sense of calm and confidence on the road. Getting one’s new ride blessed is a typical tradition for many vehicle owners, along with hanging a rosary from the rear view mirror. With churches opening up again, we can go back to practicing those traditions we took for granted before. 

Join a car or bike club gathering

For those who are really into their cars and bikes, joining a car or motorcycle club can help ease the mental anxiety built up from those long lockdowns. These social clubs usually meet up on Sundays, so blocking off a couple of hours to meet up with fellow car and motorcycle owners can go a long way in taking your mind off stress.

Whether it is just hanging out with kindred spirits, or getting maintenance and modification tips from fellow owners, spending healthy time with car or bike clubs can liven up your soul. Just remember to practice social distancing and mask-wearing still. Afterall, the pandemic is not yet over. 

Experiment with a DIY job

Is there a nagging problem with your ride? A persistent noise you can’t seem to find the source of perhaps? Or maybe a malfunctioning part that needs to be replaced? Have you been itching to upgrade your car’s sound system? Sunday is the best day to work on them all yourself. 

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With the popularity of YouTube, do-it-yourself jobs are easier now than ever. Almost anything that needs to be taken apart can be searched there to guide you through your DIY process. The exercise also helps you get to know your car better too. And if you end up with an extra screw after reassembling what you took apart, don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

Involve your kids

Sunday is also family day. Involving your kids in car-related activities on Sundays is one way of letting them appreciate car culture at an early stage. Whether it’s just washing the car, or teaching your child the functions of each component, or even teaching them how to drive, parents are the real influencers children should look up to. 

Letting children appreciate the value of ownership and the responsibility involved in driving, or even riding, is essential to creating a new generation of respectful road users.

Ride a bicycle

Working in an office 40 hours or more a week with overtime, or even working from home, can add stress and worry to your daily routine. And with the return of traffic congestion during your daily drive,  you can easily fall into a spiral of mental anguish and despair. Perhaps it’s time you gave your cars or motorcycles a rest on Sundays. 

Hop on a bicycle and get some exercise. Release tension by breaking some sweat. Your body, like your car or motorbike, needs some tender loving care too. 

With rising fuel prices, you can also try other forms of mobility on Sundays when there are less cars and people on the road. Who knows? You might discover an easier, more cost-effective way to roam about the city. 

As life slowly returns to normal in Metro Manila, we have to accept that things may not be 100% the same as before the pandemic. The pandemic has given us a chance to reassess what is really important and essential in our lives. Having a good balance of work and play is key to a sound mind and healthy body. So learn to spend your weekends wisely and of course, safely.