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The new 2022 Honda Civic is yet another home run.

50 years on, 11 generations. Honda has some very serious heritage with the Civic. That could be baggage, or that could be what propels them forward. In the case of the new Honda Civic, it clearly shows what the future of fun good-value cars can be.

The new Honda Civic is being launched in three variants in the Philippines. We were most interested in the RS Turbo, as we dearly loved the outgoing model. It rather surprised us though that the engine seemed the same through all the different variants. S, V and RS all have a turbocharged 1.5 liter engine inside them and the nomenclature Turbo CVT Honda SENSING behind the letters themselves. But upon driving the models, everything all works out. And yes, we still would choose the RS. Or rather the Honda Civic RS Turbo CVT Honda SENSING. Happily, that isn’t all on a badge.

The cars all use the same DOHC VTEC Turbo 4-cylinder 16-valve engine that produces the same 178 hp and 240 Nm, but behind the wheel they are different. The RS has engine and transmission tuning that is more aggressive and more fun, and you clearly feel it when you hit the gas or try to pass. You can choose this because the RS also has a switch that moves you between modes for economy, normal and sport. The RS also has quite a nice 12-speaker Bose speaker system and a larger 9 inch touchscreen audio system, where the others have 7 inches and either 8 or 4 speakers. The V with the 8 speakers was pretty good too, and that middle variant always seems to be the one that pulls the most buyers so maybe it is the perfect mix for most. The RS also integrated wirelessly with Apple Carplay, which very nicely combined with a place for wireless charging. This is a big deal, because it is kind of pointless to have wireless car connection if you still have to plug your phone in to charge. Overall, the RS has the most well thought out package. The seats are leather with suede whereas the others are fabric. The RS gets an 8 way power adjustable driver’s seat, but a regular passenger seat. A few details here and there, so you can decide which model is what your heart and wallet desire.

Visually the new Civic is decidedly more mature. Not as swoopy or curvy as the previous model, but because of that it may age better. It is a bit more elegant in line, and honestly feels more like the Accords of before than ever. On testing, we decided that the Civic may actually be competing with its own class because of size but with a size above because of refinement and execution. There is a clear reason why the 2022 Honda Civic is a nominee for the World Car Awards. One tester even said it just dethroned his current choice for that class, a fun-to-drive Mazda. That says a lot.

All the variants have SENSING in their name. This is the Honda system that senses potential road-going problems and alerts or handles them using technology such as Collision Mitigation Braking Systems, Lane Keeping Assist Systems and more that you may have seen or felt before and new one such as the Lead Car Departure Notification System. These systems may not be as sexy as leather seats or a great stereo, but they are the ones that can save your lives. Or the lives of your kids. And those, as you can see by the extra-long names, are in all the variants.

The prices of the all-new Civic, which are now available on all Honda dealers nationwide:

S Turbo CVT:P1.29 million

V Turbo CVT: P1.498 million

RS Turbo CVT: P1.69 million

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