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Only one way Tiggo

Only one way Tiggo

The Chery Tiggo 2 Pro is an offer that’s hard to refuse

Auto brand Chery seems to be redefining what a subcompact Crossover should be with their most recent release: the Tiggo 2 Pro. It obviously has picked up on what made its larger sibling, the Tiggo 7 Pro, such a successful nameplate for the brand by delivering on its “Pro” moniker. Adding Pro to their models’ names is apparently all about endowing it with features and amenities typically found on a top tier variant, to the full benefit of the customer. That’s a tight proposition for a compact Crossover with so much competition in the same category- but, the Tiggo 2 Pro is also equipped to be a most compelling option for a person in the market for a subcompact sedan. It’s like saying “don’t settle for an amateur, pick a Pro”.

And Chery did pick a tagline that spells this strategy out: “Move for More”.

In the same breath, it’s saying a crossover is more. More than a sedan, in terms of its capabilities- a taller ride height makes it more able to handle imperfect roads or rough terrain, effectively expanding the range of places it can be driven to, on a weekend getaway or not. It’s also more flexible in terms of taking in taller occupants and cargo as well, so there are less limitations on who or what gets loaded up for work, or play. Then there’s the style factor- getting more latitude in terms of matching your ride with your mood from being dapper to rugged without much effort, is certainly a plus. The Tiggo 2 Pro’s aesthetics have got that covered with a look that’s a perfect balance of smart sophistication and playful sportiness. But one might argue that any subcompact crossover can be that, over a sedan. Well, apparently what Chery did to set this new model apart from the other subcompact crossovers, including its Tiggo 2 predecessor, is to pack it to the brim with features that jacked up its value for money- as well as its stature to- you guessed it, a pro.

For a subcompact crossover of its dimensions, the Tiggo 2 Pro equipped with a Euro 5 compliant 1.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine that’s mated to a 9-speed Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) delivers more than ample power for very lively yet precise handling, and smooth, seamless shifting. The norm in its class is set on engines with smaller displacements and simpler automatic transmissions- so the Tiggo 2 Pro edges out the competition with a more premium feel on the drive, while being fuel efficient too.

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The younger set will be smitten with the Tiggo 2 Pro’s class-leading 9-inch touch screen infotainment system interface that’s equipped with Mirror Link, QD Link, USB connectivity and of course, Apple CarPlay. More useful tech has been made standard, like a remote engine start feature, so one can cool the Tiggo 2 Pro’s cabin even before entering it. Cruise control comes standard on this subcompact wonder, as with multifunction controls on its steering wheel, extensive adjustability on its front seats, a convenient tailgate remote open switch, a one-touch-down button feature on all four windows, and the list goes on. Chery slathered it on thick, to make this new Tiggo 2 rightfully earn that Pro moniker. And if all that wasn’t enough, they stuffed it full with a 10-year/1 million Km engine warranty, a 5-year/150,000 Km general vehicle warranty, and 3 years of preventive maintenance service (PMS) and 3 years of roadside assistance absolutely free.

Whew. So with all those cool things considered, with an introductory price of Php 818,000.00, not putting the Chery Tiggo 2 Pro in your crosshairs is… well, amateurish.