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How the Covid-19 pandemic has affected auto industry leaders

By Hajime Koso, President, Isuzu Philippines Corp.

“These two challenging years have given us many things to reflect on. As a company, we learned how to be more flexible and resilient. Understandably, there are times when businesses will have to pause operations during lockdown to protect public health and save lives.
But companies find ways to adjust and minimize the impact of the quarantine. We all learned how to adapt and create things ‘together yet apart’.
The pandemic also taught us how to keep true to our core values—IPC has always been known to be ‘Your Responsible Partner’. Amidst all of these, we should never lose our compassion, hence, we continued to support different organizations to reach millions of Filipinos needing assistance during these troubled times. Personally, it is these little gestures in the middle of chaos that has created a ripple effect for the underprivileged.
And as we move towards 2022, we are now ready to prepare for the future, which is why we are gearing up for something more sustainable. Globally, we are facing the challenge of how to push for economic development without depleting natural resources. And as a conglomerate, Isuzu will be taking steps on how to achieve this by introducing new vehicle technologies and greener operational advancements in the years to come.

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