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Audi e-tron range to arrive in PH soon

Audi e-tron range to arrive in PH soon


Fully electric e-tron SUV, e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT declare sustainability is the new luxury

In lock step with Audi’s “e-volution” — or its transformation into an electric mobility company — are its various initiatives pushing the concept of sustainability as the new luxury. Now, Audi prepares to usher in this new era of mobility in the Philippines via the introduction of its e-tron range of fully electric vehicles.

Scheduled to debut in the Philippines in January 2022 are the fully electric Audi e-tron SUV, the e-tron GT four-door grand tourer, and the dynamic RS e-tron GT that is currently the flagship model — and the most powerful production car Audi has ever made — in the e-tron range.

Having set a target of being carbon-neutral by 2050, Audi has been accelerating its electrification roadmap and company-wide decarbonization program. The brand is intensifying investments in products and future technologies, allocating a large portion of its revenue to research and development, as it aims to lead the industry in pursuing mobility that puts a premium on sustainability.

Fully electric e-tron GT four-door grand tourer

By 2025, the company plans to have more than 20 fully and 10 partially electric models accounting for 40% of its sales. It also intends to reduce by 30%, when compared to 2015 levels, the carbon footprint of its vehicle fleet across the entire lifecycle. Beginning in 2026, Audi will only release fully electric models, phasing out production of internal combustion engines by 2033.

Also, Audi is systematically continuing its CO2 program in the supply chain, and has already reduced the CO2 emissions of the parts it uses for its models during production. The fully electric e-tron model range is built via completely carbon-neutral processes, a result of the company having expanded and transformed its manufacturing plant in Neckarsulm, Germany, to use 100% eco-electricity, and a combined heat and power plant fired with biogas.

In this e-volution, Audi is saving materials and lessening energy consumption in its supply chain and production processes — especially for energy-intensive components like electric vehicles’ lithium-ion batteries. The brand’s supply chain also makes secondary materials more sustainable, like upcycling aluminum scraps. Through an “Aluminum Closed Loop” system, Audi’s press plant was able to cut about 165,000 tons of CO2 emissions in 2020.

One product of the Aluminum Closed Loop system are the 20-inch wheels fitted on certain e-tron models. The aluminum used to make the wheels come from an innovative smelting process that emits oxygen instead of carbon dioxide.

Optional leather-free packages

Alongside these goals, Audi aims to enhance the emotional experience of consumers, allaying their reservations over a new form of drive technology and instead inspiring enthusiasm.

One initiative that characterizes Audi’s understanding of sustainable luxury is its use of optional leather-free packages for the e-tron models. The vehicles’ seats are upholstered either with a combination of artificial leather and Kaskade, or with a mixture of artificial leather and Dinamica.

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Both Kaskade and Dinamica are manufactured from recycled materials, like polyester fibers sourced from plastic bottles, textiles, or residual fibers from selvages — each Kaskade upholstery set contains 119 recycled plastic bottles. Kaskade resembles wool, while the microfiber Dinamica looks and feels similar to Alcantara.

Audi’s home charging solutions

Lining the floor of e-tron models are carpets and mats made from Econyl, a nylon fiber weave derived from excess production material, fabric and carpet remnants, and recycled fishing nets.

As Audi Philippines prepares for the arrival of the fully electric e-tron SUV, e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT, it is fusing performance and sustainability to redefine not only electric-powered mobility, but also the meaning of luxury.

For more information, contact Audi Philippines at 09178139064.