Made in PH’s Yokohama batteries outperform even imported rivals

Charles Buban

Product warranty is the guarantee a manufacturer of a product gives to the customer regarding the quality of their product and what compensation will be given if the product does not perform as advertised.

For Yokohama Automotive Batteries, the 27 months of warranty it gives to its Yokohama Platinum only proves its trust in the capabilities and robustness of its product.

Yokohama batteries are made in the Philippines under license by Malaysia’s leading lead-acid battery maker—Yokohama Batteries SDN BHD. The 27 months of warranty it provides is longer than the 24-month warranty that most imported batteries offer.

Local makers of Yokohama automotive batteries said they are out to prove to Filipino motorists that it can easily beat imported competitors in terms of longevity and performance by releasing in the market lead-acid batteries packed with more plates that are also stronger than ever.

For Yokohama, the more plates, the extended warranty, and the long life only means value for money. And to make the decision to shift to Yokohama a lot easier, the battery brand is even offering its line-up of car batteries—from entry-level to premium—at considerably lower prices than imported counterparts. Yokohama informs that it now has an extensive network of over 300 dealers around the country and can also deliver to their buyer’s location via its nearest outlet.

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With a better pricing mechanism, dealers are also finding it easier to offer Yokohama batteries even to their price-sensitive customers. Not only that, used Yokohama batteries can be traded in at a premium price, translating to additional savings for motorists.

So next time you decide to replace your car battery, why not consider Yokohama batteries and not only enjoy value-for-money but also help more Filipino workers and the country’s economy.