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Supercar owners make a kid’s birthday wish come true

Supercar owners make a kid’s birthday wish come true


Two weeks ago, this message appeared on the Facebook community page of a village south of Manila:

“It’s my little boy’s birthday tomorrow and due to the uptick of (COVID) cases, we have just decided to cancel his little outdoor 3rd birthday party. He is completely obsessed with Ferraris and cars that make big noises so I was wondering if anyone could do a little drive-by tomorrow so he can see one. I would appreciate it so much!”

The birthday boy’s name is George and he was celebrating his 3rd birthday on Dec. 31, which is the day of New Year’s Eve. It turned out to be a wonderful celebration for George because not only one, but two Ferraris arrived — an F430 and an F12 Berlinetta — together with other cars “that make big noises” — a Lamborghini Huracan, a Ford GT40 and a Porsche 991 GT3.

And the owners of the cars did not merely drive by his house, they parked in front so George could see, touch and admire the cars at leisure. George’s dad lifted him into the Lambo so that he could feel the thrill of sitting in a purebred Italian supercar. Later, perched on his father’s right arm, George got an overview of the sleek Ford GT40.

Imagine having five spectacular luxury sports cars lined up along your sidewalk just for your toddler son’s birthday! For a little boy like George, it must have been like a dream come true. As George’s birthday drew to a close, his grateful mom posted photos of the cars and another message in the village’s FB page: “Thank you to every single person that made this day wonderful for George! I feel so blessed to live in a place with such a wonderful, kind and giving community. Happy New Year, everyone!”

George and his car-themed cake

The story of little George’s 3rd birthday received so many enthusiastic FB comments from village residents.

“Aww this is so cute! Made my husband and I tear up. Happy birthday, George! May you have the best year yet!”

“So thankful for the kindness of these people. May God bless them abundantly!”

“Cutie. And a heartwarming story.”

“Aww the little one must have been so shocked and happy. Happy birthday!” “Oh wow! This is so adorable. So awesome of everyone that helped out.”

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“What a lovely community. Happy 3rd birthday, George!”

“That’s so wonderful! Happy birthday, George! What a great story! Makes me happy just to see the pictures! Yey! Here’s to a brighter 2022!”

“I am truly happy that everything worked out and blessed to witness so much good and kindness in this world. Oh so happy for George.”

“So much love in this post!”

For all the people involved, little George’s car-centered birthday celebration was not only endearing, it was also a meaningful way to welcome the New Year.