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Very rare Ferrari Enzo worth at least $6 million crashes in Amsterdam

Very rare Ferrari Enzo worth at least $6 million crashes in Amsterdam

Alvin Uy

A very rare Ferrari Enzo (aka Type F140) crashed in Amsterdam a couple of days ago as reported by in Baarn, located southeast of Amsterdam last Tuesday. Named after the supercar brand’s founder Enzo Ferrari, only 400 units were built from 2002 to 2004.

Using Ferrari’s F1 technology, the Type F140 has a carbon fiber body and is one of the first to use Ferrari’s F1-style automatic shift manual transmission. It even has active aerodynamic tech that’s not allowed in F1 racing. The Enzo can generate as much as 756lbs (3,363 newtons) of downforce at 200 kph and its then new generation F140 B V-12 engine is rated at 651hp with 657 newton-meters of torque.

Photos and videos of the crash has since circulated on social media, including photos posted by European_carshots (link here) and a video posted by Miche Media (link here) of the damaged Enzo.

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Chances are, this heavily damaged Ferrari will be restored back to original since values of this car has risen over the years. Road & Track reported that a Ferrari Enzo that crashed and was split almost in two pieces was restored and sold for US$1.76million (link here) and the last production unit of the Enzo (number 400) was gifted to Pope John Paul II and was sold at an RM/Sotheby’s auction (link here) in 2015 for US$6million. So this newly crashed Enzo will for sure not end up in the parts bin.