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New year, new tire from Goodyear

New year, new tire from Goodyear

With Filipinos stuck mostly at home for the past two years thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to neglect our cars and their current state of tune as we rarely get to use them. We tend to skimp on maintenance and repairs in an effort to save some cash since the use of the cars, though important, isn’t urgent given the need to stay home and isolate.

But as we slowly come face to face with the pandemic and learn to adapt and thrive in these difficult conditions, we slowly begin to ease out into the brave new world and re-start our lives. And now, more than ever, our cars will need to be in tip-top shape and condition.

A part often neglected in our cars are the tires. Visually, so long as they are round and inflated with a bit of tread depth left, we’ll keep using them, regardless of their age and actual condition. We have to be reminded that the tires are the only thing that keeps us and our cars connected to the road; braking and cornering performance are heavily dependent on their condition.

Thankfully, Goodyear’s new tire, the Assurance MaxGuard SUV provides the best tire for practically all real-world driving conditions. It’s aimed squarely at the growing crossover and light truck segment (think Mazda CX-Series, Honda CR-V / HR-V, Toyota RAV4, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and Santa Fe, Subaru Forester and XV, Nissan X-Trail and Juke) aimed at lifestyle and recreational users who lead a very busy and hectic lifestyle while being heavily reliant on their vehicles.

From the urban grind during the week, to spontaneous out of town trips and drives, the Assurance MaxGuard SUV is the recommended tire of choice. The tire is designed to excel on surfaces as varied as paved concrete, broken tarmac, light dirt and farm roads and wet weather driving conditions, conditions the average motorist in Southeast Asia will face. The Assurance MaxGuard SUV boasts of Goodyear’s Active-Grip Technology that focuses on wet-weather performance. Braking and cornering on wet roads is improved by 17 percent and 25 percent respectively according to Goodyear’s internal tests. And through normal use, the Assurance MaxGuard SUV tire is expected to last 28 percent longer than its predecessor, the Goodyear Wrangler TripleMax, and yet delivers an improvement of 11 percent decreased rolling resistance, which in turn should help boost fuel efficiency. Lastly, tire noise on the highway at speed is down by 4 percent, which helps give the chunky Assurance MaxGuard SUV tires a more luxurious and sophisticated ride and feel.

The Assurance MaxGuard SUV from Goodyear also promises increased durability and strength for any unforeseen obstacles on the road ahead with the brand’s revolutionary DuraGuard Technology, so you can drive with better comfort and confidence on unknown roads and journeys ahead. The two-ply construction is both lightweight yet strong, coupled with a solid steel belt that delivers toughness previously unheard of in a tire of this specification. I thankfully found ample time to test everything Goodyear was promising in its product literature.

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We mounted a set of Assurance MaxGuard SUV tires on a 2019 model Mazda CX-5 which had tires of another brand that had only done ~20,000 kilometers. Immediately after switching the tires out, the Mazda stood better as the Goodyears looked beefier, chunkier and filled out the wheel wells better. Ride improved noticeably even on smooth city roads, and as we took the Mazda down the highway, driving feel felt stable, composed and confident. You find yourself driving a little bit faster than usual as the Goodyears give you a sense of security to push harder. We took it to a farm road in Batangas to take some shots and the mixed dirt, gravel and broken tarmac surface provided all the real-world rough road conditions a typical Filipino would ever encounter. The Goodyear tires really helped smoothen out the bumps and ruts, and we had some harsh impacts from unforeseen potholes on the road, with the tires and the car suffering no damage at all. Driving back, on winding mountain roads, the tires gave tremendously positive feel and feedback, allowing me to really get into the groove and enjoy the never ending sequence of fast and flowing curves and corners. It’s not a performance tire, and the Mazda isn’t a performance car, but the Goodyear Assurance MaxGuard SUV really gets you excited to drive. Braking was excellent too; it took us a while to get some braking shots and videos in simply because the Goodyears would constantly stop a few feet shorter than expected, outside of the camera’s frame.

Check your tires, and should you realise you need a replacement for these, Goodyear’s Assurance MaxGuard SUV should be on top of your list. It’s a step up from the usual OEM replacement tires, offering more of everything at a great value.