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Get the confidence to shut down/restart your engine with Motolite Excel EFB

Get the confidence to shut down/restart your engine with Motolite Excel EFB

Charles Buban

If you’ve been stuck in traffic for quite some time, you may contemplate a few things about life, your pending work, and then later, about how horrible your fuel economy is going to be after you finally get out of the jam.

As a general rule, if it looks like you’re going to be waiting for more than 10 seconds in traffic, turn off your engine. Contrary to popular belief, turning off your engine and turning it back on does not burn more fuel than idling, that is, if you idle for 10 seconds or more. Not only do you waste fuel when you idle, but you also hurt the environment–for every 10 minutes of idling, one pound of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

However, doing this continuously can take its toll on your car’s battery (as well as its starter motor). And if your car’s battery is on its way out, then you might want to reconsider turning your car on and off repeatedly.

Motolite, the country’s leading automotive battery brand, now has the battery solution for this —the Excel EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery). While engineered for engines with start-stop function, the Motolite Excel EFB is also excellent for standard engines.

The Excel EFB gives motorists the confidence to repeatedly turn off their engines while caught in stop-and-go traffic to conserve fuel and cut CO2 emissions. But aside from its green benefits, the Excel EFB was also designed to give motorists savings as it can last up to 70 percent longer than standard automotive batteries.

The best part is that the locally manufactured Motolite Excel EFB is priced lower than its imported counterparts and using German technology, it’s engineered specifically for Philippine weather and road conditions.

Reliable performance

For more reliable performance, it has low-type plates that give more headspace for acid and keep the battery temperature lower, allowing a longer battery life. It also features enveloped positive plates to prevent deep discharges and thick cast positive plate grids for better resistance against corrosion.

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The Motolite Excel EFB even has glass mat separators for improved battery cycle and full-bordered negative plate grids that make it less prone to internal short circuits.

For optimal balance between electrical capacity and endurance, it has a reformulated paste and a special electrolyte additive that prevents shorts due to deep discharges and slows down self-discharge. Motolite also improved other features like the reinforced upper frame to make it more robust against grid growth and corrosion, and rounded edges to avoid instances of sudden internal short circuits. Another amazing feature of the Excel EFB is the optimized wire design that lowers electrical resistance and improves current distribution.

Aside from that, the Excel EFB has product-specific container ribs for better resistance to vibration and redesigned element rests for effective channeling of plate residues in the course of battery use. Indeed, the Excel EFB puts Motolite at par with global advancement in automotive battery technology. Aside from the more common types of lead-acid batteries, Motolite already introduced batteries for diesel-powered vehicles that need long-lasting performance, the Solar Master batteries for solar installations, the Sea Master batteries for marine vessels, as well as Truck Master industrial batteries for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses among many others.

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