Last January 31, AC Motors, one of the Philippines’ largest automotive groups with its five
4-wheel brands—distributor brands Volkswagen, Kia, and Maxus, and Ayala-owned
dealers Honda and Isuzu—celebrated its appreciation night online with members of the
Philippine media.
In his welcome remarks, AC Motors President for Automobile Group Antonio “Toti” Zara III
thanked the media for the significant role it played in the group’s progress and success,
especially during the most challenging times in 2021.
Zara then shared that AC Motors remained competitive in 2021 by remaining focused
on the interests of its customers, and by “riding on the strength, versatility, and adaptability
of our multi-brand portfolio.”
Three key elements that enabled AC Motors to remain resilient and at an upward growth
in 2021 were revealed.

The first is that each of AC Motors’ five 4-wheel brands introduced new models, thereby keeping customer interest and brand awareness moving forward: Maxus introduced the
D60; Volkswagen the T-Cross and Multivan; Kia the Sorento; for Isuzu, the D-MAX
and mu-X; and for Honda, the Civic, City, and City Hatchback.

Second is parallel with efforts on the ground, AC Motors brands also went the extra mile in
digital, pouring in more resources and expertise towards digitizing customers’ sales
and aftersales journeys, resulting in as high as 40% of monthly sales which can be
traced back to one of many digital channels.

And third is AC Motors increasing its total dealer network further, expanding from 85 outlets in
2020 to 95 in 2021; resulting in sales growth of 30%, outpacing the industry’s 18%.

Building upon these strengths, Zara remained upbeat that 2022 would see AC Motors
continue to grow, and explore even more avenues of opportunity as parent company
Ayala commits to a more sustainable future.
Among AC Motors’ more immediate steps for 2022 would be to steadily grow its sales
volume, starting off the year with the much awaited launch of the all-new Kia Carnival as
well as strengthening presence in the truck market which is recovering faster from the
pandemic. Further expansion of network and digitization will likewise continue.
AC Motors is also poised to become a key player in sustainable mobility, as the Ayala
group has committed to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
To help achieve this goal, AC Motors will actively explore bringing in electric vehicles to
the domestic market. “The EV law and its corresponding roadmap is about to be finalized. 
Government must consider lowering import duties aside from excise tax privileges. Let us
protect strategic sectors such as the PUV but allow easier importation of private vehicles. 
We need to make EV ownership more accessible,” Zara urged.
The future for AC Motors becomes more than about business results. By helping protect
the ecology, reducing greenhouse gasses and emissions, it ensures that future
generations can live in an environment that helps humanity continue to progress.