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Power Plant Mall raffle “winner” will not get the P6.5 million Land Rover Defender prize

Power Plant Mall raffle “winner” will not get the P6.5 million Land Rover Defender prize

Alvin Uy

It’s not the first time Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall raffled off a luxury vehicle but for its 2021 holiday campaign, it applied a new digital format and is said to be the first in the Philippines to use a digital raffle draw for its Christmas holiday raffle.

Holiday shoppers just needed to spend between P1,000 – P3,000 at selected mall retailers from from November 5, 2021 until January 31, 2022 and enter their Christmas Raffle code on Rockwell’s loyalty app to stand a chance to win a Land Rover Defender valued at more than P6.5 million.

The app allowed a contactless and almost seamless way for customers to join and unlike having to print raffle stubs in the past, the mall management did not need to manually upload tons of proof-of-purchase receipts and log in the data required for checking and verifying entries. This meant less time spent on queueing and less contact as well. This new retail tech app also allowed the mall to track its tenant sales numbers in real-time.

Yesterday, the mall held a Facebook livestreaming of the raffle draw, the winner was picked and the show host was able to call her and give her the wonderful news.

Sadly, for the “winner” as it turns out, her husband works for a company which has a franchise as one of the locators inside the Rockwell Mall. Since the raffle rules specifically stated that all employees of Rockwell Malls, its service providers, and tenants with relations up to second degree of consanguinity will be disqualified from the raffle. After a post event check, it was confirmed that the supposed winner’s husband works for the said company.

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We are very sure this was purely an honest oversight on the side of the customer, and probably something that can be glossed over but because of the unique family name, it would be sticking out quite obviously for the mall management to easily find out. The winner was even asked by the host if she did any shopping at Power Plant Mall recently and she recalled that she only received one raffle ticket because that was all she purchased.  

The mall, through its Facebook page further announced that it will be conducting another live draw on Sunday, February 6, 2022, to determine the winner of the 2021 Rockwell Christmas Car Raffle. The draw will be held at 3 pm via livestream on our Facebook page.