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Mazda PH announces new KPC tech and more variants with manual transmission options

Mazda PH announces new KPC tech and more variants with manual transmission options

Riding high on a sales boom during the last two years of the pandemic, Mazda PH will be offering more variants of its popular sportscar model the MX-5 also known as the Miata.

What’s new to the 2022 model year MX-5 are some color and trim changes, including a Philippines-only and limited production run MX-5 special edition. This makes over a dozen possible trim options to choose from. For the new model year, the MX-5 will also have an upgraded suspension design that is engineered to provide an even better and more connected dynamic driving experience.

Called the Kinematic Posture Control, or KPC, it is an ingenious way of using the existing hardware of the vehicle and applying new technology to give a more integrated and stable turning posture even when cornering at high speed, without adding to the car’s weight.

The new KPC feature uses the already well-designed rear suspension that has the ability to properly generate an “anti-lift” force that pulls the car’s body down when the brakes are applied, but the KPC effectively optimizes the car’s driving capabilities by applying a slight braking force on the inner rear wheel under high G-force cornering. This reduces body roll and stabilizes the posture of both driver and passenger as well as giving better grip on the road surface. This makes the car drive well specially in tight corners and rough road surfaces. In high speed cornering situations, KPC prevents the body of the car from lifting. With the greater sense of connection to the ground provided by KPC, drivers can accelerate with even greater confidence. 

“With over close to 1,000 examples sold by our distributorship since 2014, The Mazda MX-5 continues to be a popular and highly regarded sports car in the Philippines,” says Steven Tan, president and CEO of Mazda Philippines. “Mazda’s lightweight, open-top formula as seen on the MX-5 has consistently been realized for more than 30 years. But we believe there is still room to involve the driver even more and enhance the emotional bond with his car. That is why we are continuing to elevate this already unique driving experience with the introduction of new features and owner-initiated options that will make future MX-5 owners even happier and fulfilled.”

Outside of Japan, the Philippines has the highest number of MX-5 cars in Asia. It also has the oldest single model sportscar club in the country, the Miata Club of the Philippines. Mazda PH also announced that in celebration of the club’s 25th anniversary this year, it will be offering a special Philippines-only MX-5 MCP 25th Anniversary Edition and will be the only variant that will have these exclusive features, including a blue soft top and in the new Platinum Quartz metallic body color and its 17-inch alloy wheels will be in silver color.  Aside from this, it comes in black leather seats and the 9-speaker Bose sound system and have a choice between a manual (MT) or an automatic transmission (AT).

Miata Club members will get first dibs to place an order of this limited edition variant until the end of the month, after which it will be offered to the public already. Prices for the MT will be P2.25 million while the AT will be priced at P2.3 million. A free Miata Club coffee table book will also come with the first 25 buyers of this variant.

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According to Tan, about 80 to 85% of all its sales of the current MX-5 generation sportscars are automatics, but he expects with the re-introduction of the manual transmission of more variants, Mazda has successfully brought back the love of “driving stick”, which ensures you get the most out of your sportscar. He further added that, instead of just make the MT available in the entry-level variants, even the top-spec variants will now get the stick shifter.

Through its customizable “Build Your MX-5” customer-initiated online experience on the Mazda Philippines website, buyers can have more offerings on the 2022 Mazda MX-5 which may be configured online with preferred specification and emailed to the preferred dealership for fulfillment contact. 

Customers who visit and its Build Your MX-5 portal will now be presented with a total of 76 possible combinations for their 2022 Mazda MX-5 order. Both the six-speed Skyactiv-Drive automatic and manual transmissions are available in Soft-Top and Retractable Fastback body styles.