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Ford’s tips to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the long drive

Ford’s tips to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the long drive


As more areas in the country downgrade to Alert Level 1 due to declining COVID-19 cases, mobility is also seen to normalize as more people return to the office and spend time to drive out for leisure.

However, with months of restrictive travel, it is possible that your vehicle has been parked for a longer period of time, exposing it to a greater risk of damage if unchecked or unmaintained.

So before you head back on the road, it is imperative to take some time to check your vehicle before you spend long hours behind the wheel again.

Thankfully, on-road vehicle inconveniences and long-term damage are completely avoidable if you take the right measures to take care of your daily driver. So before you head out and get stuck in traffic once again, make sure to follow important tips from Ford Philippines to ensure that your vehicle is ready:

1. Prepare your car

Before you hit the road, there are some basic checks you can perform to help get your vehicle ready for regular use. Make sure you check the oil, coolant and windscreen wiper fluid levels and, while you’re at it, give your windscreen wipers a quick check to make sure they’re working, and check your windscreen for any cracks or chips. One area often neglected are tires, so check the pressures and remember to also check your spare.

2. Get your vehicle checked

With the lockdown restrictions, many haven’t gotten the chance to take their vehicle for its scheduled check-up and maintenance. A general best ownership practice that car manufacturers highly recommend is that you take your vehicle for regular check-ups to ensure that it delivers the desired performance. For Ford vehicle owners, it is encouraged that you follow your Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) schedule specified by Ford. During these checks, Ford quality-standard lubricant, fluids, and service parts are used by Ford technicians. Every time you leave your vehicle at the Ford dealership for scheduled service, you will also receive a Vehicle Report Card (VRC), which provides a comprehensive health check summary of your vehicle’s key wear and tear parts and system.

3. Leave vehicle service to the experts

Being thrifty has its advantages, but never for your vehicle. Getting service from non-authorized service centers may provide a quick fix at a lower cost, though it increases the chances of long-term damage and vehicle malfunctions, which could make you spend more in the long run. Instead, only have your vehicle serviced by authorized dealers and professionals who possess the right qualifications for the job. Ford technicians are the only people who best understand your Ford and how to service it, while following all standard inspection procedures. During every service visit to the Ford authorized dealer, you can expect quality of service and use of genuine Ford parts.

4.Assess the condition of wear and tear parts during every service

It is important to always look after your vehicle’s wear and tear parts, as these naturally need to be regularly replaced unlike other components like the engine. You can maximize your service visits by getting wear and tear parts checked and replaced, if needed.

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“Taking the time to care for your vehicle goes a long way in ensuring a worry-free ownership experience, especially with the return of mobility in the new normal. Our service offerings are designed to keep our customers safe as they go back on the road,” shares Patrick Manigbas, director, Ford Customer Service Division. “One of our advocacies at Ford is road safety, so we encourage our customers to visit a Ford dealership to have their vehicles checked to ensure their optimal performance.”

To know more about Ford’s aftersales offerings, visit your Ford dealership or the Ford Philippines website.