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Japanese optical chain Owndays offers a unique customer experience

Japanese optical chain Owndays offers a unique customer experience

From Japan to the Philippines, optical chain Owndays continues to provide a unique optical experience to their customers.

Owndays has a rather simple and quick price system. The price of the frame is already inclusive of ultra-thin and multi-coated lenses regardless of the grade at no additional charges. Prices are very flexible and can accommodate your budget as it ranges from P1,990 to P6,990.

What sets it apart is its wide array of stock lens options and Owndays uses state-of-the-art machines operated by skilled and reliable opticians so you can get your eyeglasses in as fast as 20 minutes. Customers can also choose from any of its 1,500 styles of high-quality frames, ranging from basic and conservative to more fashionable and stylish looks. One can be sure that accurate prescription lens will be provided as you will be checked by Owndays’ licensed and trained optometrists.

Owndays recommends that there should be proper care and regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of your spectacles. There are various types of lenses to suit your individual preferences and lifestyles. Even Owndays’ standard lenses for all degrees offer high quality and ultra-thin multi-coat finishes that have the least amount of visual distortion. It is thinner and therefore also lighter.  For any type of lens, Owndays recommends you thoroughly wash and sanitize your hands with soap and water before handling your eyeglasses. Then rinses the lenses first under a gentle stream of water. This will remove any particle that may scratch the lens. Gently wash the lenses and frame with your clean fingers. Clean your eyeglass with warm water and mild soap. Avoid using cleaning agents with harsh chemicals like alcohol or bleach. A soft toothbrush can be used to clean away grime and oil from the nose pads and hinges. Rinse the eyeglass and dry them gently using a soft lint free cloth. Do not forget to have the lens cloth cleaner washed at least every other day. Lastly, refrain from placing your eyeglasses on any surface especially in a public place or outdoors.

Ownsday Philippines opened its first shop on December of 2015, and on its 5th anniversary, it launched two frame models to commemorate its 5-year milestone. These limited frames are available in two designs with three color variants. At the end of its fifth year, it had a nationwide network of over 50 stores. On March 17th, Owndays will open its 63rd store at City of Dreams complex.

Owndays house brands

With a wide variety of high quality frames in more than 1,500 styles, Owndays offers a variety of original private brands to match each price line and concept. All the eyeglasses displayed in the shops are original brands that have been planned, designed and, manufactured by Owndays. They have a variety of unique brands ready to meet the diversified needs of men and women of all ages. Central to Owndays is the assurance of quality and durability, as each piece passes the strict standards followed by the global brand.

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