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Risk-taking vlogger engineer Tyrone Angel A. Teves Jr. “never regretted” being different when he bought his MG5 Core MT

All Tyrone Angel A. Teves Jr III wanted was to be different, and the 32-year-old civil engineer based in Cebu City found his niche when he also became a vlogger and christened himself the “Enhinyerong Tsuper” in the world of social media.

For his choice of his first car, Tyrone also wanted to stand out. So, when he bought his 2020 MG5 Core MT, he admitted that he did take a risk. But after logging 14,682 km with the car so far, he says he “has never regretted it.” That risk was considerable, as he compared the MG5 against the likes of the Nissan Almera, Toyota Vios and the Mitsubishi Mirage.

The MG5 ticked all of Tyrone’s five boxes: Luxurious look and design; spaciousness that’s perfect for a starting family; loaded with amazing features; “very affordable” pricing, and; being very new in the market.

Though Tyrone uses a motorbike as his daily ride to and from work, he says he drives his MG5 as often as needed, “When my family goes to church and for other family bonding trips, and for my pregnant wife’s trips to the doctor for her checkups.”

Tyrone can’t stop gushing over his MG5’s spaciousness. “The MG5 is ideal for a growing family. Our most memorable experience with my MG5 was when we moved to another house, I took everything and put them in my MG5, and amazingly it was able to carry all our stuff without coming back for a second trip,” he said.

The dealerships have also been accommodating. “The staff cater to my concerns. They do their best in terms of aftersales services,” Tyrone observes.

That kind of service assures Tyrone of countless more trips to be enjoyed with his MG5. It’s no wonder that the superstar in Tyrone’s vlog is his MG5.

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