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Vespa 51: a motorcycle club that’s more than just its number

Vespa 51: a motorcycle club that’s more than just its number


Motorcycle clubs are now a dime a dozen with the soaring popularity of a mobility option that levels the playing field for rich and poor.

A group of friends who share a common passion for weekend motorcycling formed their club before the pandemic broke out two years ago and gave themselves a unique name: Vespa 51.

The number beside their common motorcycle ride which is a Vespa is not their actual membership count. And to the uninitiated, it can be a tough guess.

Because 51 is neither their average height nor age. It is actually symbolic of their advocacy for safety and responsibility to their respective families as when they go out on the road, they’re not allowed to ride faster than 51 kph.

Vespa 51 members at their new San Jose Village clubhouse

“It started to be just a joke among us in our weekend rides for those who are scared to go a bit faster but when we gathered and talked about speed limits, we felt that it was just the right number to ensure our safety and for the peace of mind of our loved ones,” said member Alvin Lu.

Out of town rides have become so often for the Vespa 51 and they used their most recent one in Calatagan, Batangas to induct their new members and recruits as well as give out the special awards for behavior – must be proper – during the previous year.

The Rider of the Year award went to Carlos Miguel Severino while the Kaladkarin of the Year plum was won by Matthew James Carbonell.

For all his contributions and dedication to Vespa 51, the Clubman Of the Year was awarded to Jean Henri Lhuillier whose unselfish efforts in providing all possible avenues for members to get close to each other didn’t go unnoticed by the riding brotherhood.

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In fact, Lhuillier was mainly responsible for the club to have realized their goal of building its own home in San Jose Village in the Alabang area where they usually hang out not just after their regular rides but those looking for a place to unwind anytime of the day.

Vespa 51 is now ready to launch their major CSR project for 2022: they intend to make things better for 51 delivery riders by equipping them with the proper gear that will protect them from the elements and keep them safe while plying their trade.

While there might be a speed limit for Vespa 51 riders, for them good deeds are limitless.