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Petron strengthens support for major car and bike shows

Petron strengthens support for major car and bike shows


Industry leader Petron Corporation further strengthens its support for the upcoming Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) and the Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show, so car lovers and motoring enthusiasts can once again enjoy the excitement of the country’s biggest auto and motorcycle shows. In both events, the brand will highlight its “Petron Panalo ang Pilipino” theme to emphasize its solidarity with our countrymen and our shared aspiration to rise up and recover from the challenges of the past two years.

Billed as the Manila International Auto Show co-presented by Petron, the much-loved auto show returns to the World Trade Center on April 7-10, with Petron as the exclusive fuel and lubricant sponsor. MIAS visitors will be welcomed by a Petron booth with a rally-car display in the lobby. Inside the main hall, they can visit the Petron service station setup, and participate in games and other activities. In addition, the Petron-MIAS Custom and Car Classic Competition will showcase 50 cars from different eras. These cars trust only Petron Blaze 100, the only 100-octane and Euro 6 gasoline in the country.

Meanwhile, in recognition of the fast-growing motorcycle industry, Petron will also participate in the Inside Racing Bike Festival and Trade Show, scheduled from March 25-27, also at the World Trade Center. The Petron booth will showcase its Petron Sprint 4T motorcycle engine oils, which have been specially formulated for Philippine road conditions. In addition to the highlight of Petron’s motorcycle oil, latest BMW motorcycle bikes will be displayed on-site and exciting games have been prepared for this big event.

As the country’s leading oil company, Petron takes pride in being the biggest oil player and only remaining refiner in the country with the local capability to formulate world-class products to meet the diverse fuel needs of Filipino motorists. Unlike other industry players, Petron—as a Philippine-based company—has the management flexibility and technical competence to create quality products that meet the needs of our countrymen, from motorcycle riders to tricycle and jeepney drivers, as well as everyday motorists and owners of high-performance vehicles.

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Having served the fuel needs of the country for almost 90 years, only Petron has a deep understanding of the unique driving conditions on Philippine roads.  Its R&D team is constantly striving to create diverse products that will deliver optimum efficiency for every type of vehicle.