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Geely continues to rise with its stellar offerings and impressive achievements

Geely revved into the scene in 2019 and the Philippine Automotive Industry took an exciting turn. With the Coolray, Philippine consumers were shown that their hard-earned money can go get something so much more – more features, more style, more head-turning moments, and more memories.

The Coolray

And from there, we got offered more: the stylish and refined Azkarra 48V EMS and the imposingly spacious Okavango.

The Okavango and the Azkarra

Geely made their cars do the talking and soon, impressed customers and awestruck reviewers spread the word. 1 turned to a 100 and then ballooned to 1,000 and before anyone actually knew it, Geely reached a milestone that no one expected to happen this early – 10,000 unit sales. And just to make this achievement even more impressive, that’s 10,000 units sold in less than 3 years.

10,000 unit sales in less than three years

Being the trailblazing brand that it is, Geely turned its sights to a category that was deemed “solved” – the sedan market. And in true Geely manner, their offering is quite the knockout: the Emgrand. Launched only on the tail end of February 2022, the Emgrand epitomized the qualities that deemed Geely a true gamechanger: premium interior and driving experience, impressive power, tech that makes every ride an exciting one, quite the generous legroom, and of course, a sunroof.

The all-new Emgrand

The Emgrand is perfect for first time buyers as sedans are usually the gateway car for these aspiring new owners. If you think about it, if you’re a first-time car owner, what better way to tell the world that you’re ready for bigger and brighter things than driving off with a car that not only looks beautiful but also drives well beyond what you expect from a first car. This car wants you to Be Driven – in how you live your life and in how you go after what you want the most. It taps into who you are as a person, and the Emgrand wants to reflect your lifestyle.

But if you just really prefer a sedan, the Emgrand’s got enough style, tech, and power to satisfy your desires (and your wallet).

But for those who seek excitement or are in the market to discover fun, there’s another ace up Geely’s sleeve. Think of it as a remix of Geely’s first-ever offering but with sleeker looks, sportier edge, and even MORE reasons for you to Bring the Fun Back in Driving.

Great impressions lead to greater achievements and 2022 is shaping up to be a banner year for Geely. With the Emgrand racking up fantastic reviews, it’s a nice addition to its stable of rides. The next 10,000 unit sales won’t be as big a surprise anymore as Geely’s direction is to lean heavily into the mindset of “let the rides do the talking and leave the people very impressed.”

Find out for yourself why all the hype around Geely is totally justified: schedule a test drive at your nearest Geely dealership.

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