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What’s inside the Momcave?

What’s inside the Momcave?

Jeanette Tuason

Moms are the new breed of superheroes. If before we were described as “the women behind a great man,” well nowadays, we are all that plus more. The Chicdriven column started when women became such an important demographic for car sales. If before we just got to choose a color, we now select the color and buy it.

Moms and their cars have become an essential partnership. Their rides help them fulfill their different roles and make life easier. They can be Mom, wife, CEO, community builder, sports coach etc. So with that said, we are putting a spotlight on moms and their favorite rides, including myself. Let’s look at which rides deserve a space in their garage.

I’m a mom of five, married to a racer, entrepreneur, columnist, video podcast host, and women empowerment advocate.

The Audi e-tron is an electric SUV of Audi. In my younger years, my dream car was an Audi R8, but with five kids in tow, we wouldn’t fit. So when I heard that there is an electric SUV from Audi, I was intrigued. Sooner rather than later, we should consider going electric to help save the environment. The e-tron can go up to 484 kilometers in a single charge (enough to go to and from Alabang to Subic). It also comes in other variants and has a simple home charging solution.

The Toyota Alphard. Most moms would love an Alphard. Why? It’s a luxurious seven-seater, with captains seats and ample space with enough oomph and character. It’s also easy to drive, if you need to drive the soccer team to their match. My favorite features of the Alphard are its power windows and shade. The price tag for this minivan is P3.975 million.

The Mercedes Benz GLC. From first-hand experience, I can vouch that the GLC is such an intelligent car that it even takes away the worry of when you need to turn on the wipers when it starts drizzling. There are a million things in your mind when you are a mom, and being afforded a bit of headspace when you are driving is such a big help. Another favorite factor is the drive. The handling, comfort, and power of the GLC even impress the sportscar driving dads, making it their alternative car when they get tired of the sports mode of their sports cars.

Alelee Aguilar Andanar: wife to Presidential spokesperson Martin M. Andanar, mother of two, entrepreneur/Luxuri Manila and party-list nominee

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez

With my two kids and now nine dogs, the Mercedes Benz sprinter van seems the best choice. It has enough space to fit us and the comfort when we need to travel long distances. My dream car is a Range Rover. I think the car is so elegant yet sleek.

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez: 36, wife and mom of three, entrepreneur/calormembershiplounge, live streamer on Kumu and social media personality

I’ve always been more of an SUV kind of girl rather than a sports car lover. So for me, it’s the Range Rover, in white. I like the space and the feeling of safety when driving it. With the kinds of roads we have in Manila, the Range Rover’s tough personality is a win.

Aubrey Miles: mom of three, plant lady, actress, and certified fitness enthusiast

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My dream car is the Porsche Cayenne. I love the look of this SUV. It’s sexy, and both the interior and exterior are well made. I like that it looks good and drives well. It is true to its name, the family sports car.

Pinky Tobiano: entrepreneur, influencer, tablescape artist, and founder of Grateful Tuesday

My dream car is a Bentley. The British brand is known for its uber comfort, seamless and luxurious ride. It is the pinnacle of luxury yet gives an understated vibe.

Marga Nograles

Marga Nograles: founder of social enterprise Kaayo Modern Mindanao

For me, it’s the Toyota Alphard. But if we had to push that dream car a bit more , a Mercedes Benz V-class van would be nice. They both have the perfect mix of sportiness and luxury. I also like space that will allow me to work, sleep, bring all my extra clothes, and let’s not forget my kids. Happy Mothers Day!!