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By Pauline D. Lopez

Growing up, I did not really have a taste in cars because that was my Dad’s department. However, when I moved to the Philippines, I had to check out different kinds of vehicles by myself to know what fits for my lifestyle. As an athlete and a person always on the go, I had to find out what fits my criteria of comfortability, reliability, and aesthetic appeal. My take is definitely not as an automotive expert but as someone who knows when she wants and needs from a vehicle based on first-hand experience.

Last week I received a call from Chery and was offered an opportunity to test drive the Chery Tiggo Pro 7. From my previous knowledge of Chery vehicles, there was not much except for the Chery QQ model back in the early 2000s. I remember coming across this vehicle when I competed in China and rode in it as a taxi cab. Because of this experience, when I received the call from Chery, I dismissed researching the Chery Tiggo Pro 7 because I was not really enticed to do so. I just thought….”hmmmm another car to try”. I agreed to this trial having little to no expectations whatsoever.

So imagine my shock when the vehicle pulled up in my driveway. Wow!! …. This dazzling teal unit coming in my driveway and thinking, “are you sure, this is a Chery automobile?!!! From the get go, all I can think was, why haven’t I heard of this car before?!

From the likes of vehicles I have driven in the past, I can say this car is astonishing! Okay let’s break it down.

As the keys were handed to me, from being just a few feet away without having to click any button, the car unlocked by itself and the headlights automatically turned on, almost like the car is saying, ‘I have arrived’. I stepped inside and looked at the dashboard in awe of its impressive design. When I sat down, power adjusted my seat, all I uttered to myself was how comfortable it was. It fit me like a glove! My eyes glittered from the Tiggo Pro 7’s LCD information display, sleek leather seats, and spacious interior. The experience I have had in a Chery car before has got nothing on what this car is presenting me with.

But before I get too excited, I had to take it out for a spin and see if the performance on the road meets my expectations compared to the vehicles I have driven previously. I took time to take it in for a few minutes to get a feel of where all the controls are positioned. As I turned on the engine, I noticed right away that there are multiple features in this vehicle, definitely more than what I was used to. I admit it was a bit overwhelming, but it was a plus for me that the design of this ergonomic dashboard did not leave me looking for a manual. The controls were laid out nicely and well within reach without making me feeling distracted at all. An important feature for me as well is the audio and music component of the vehicle. I enjoy long road trips and listening to soothing music as a form of self care. Connecting to it via Bluetooth, checking out the audio, and the touch screen, they were all a big plus for this ride for me. The selectable ambient lighting is quite the cool feature. On top of that, I love how this unit provides a charge pad that ultimately takes away having so many cords that add to the clutter around you.

Now for the riding experience. I took my cousin with me for a drive and he was simply impressed nearly beyond words as he too checks out the panoramic sunroof and its several other noteworthy amenities. As much as I wanted to look up, I had to set my focus on the road and feel the car.

Although I am not an expert on vehicles, I can say the Chery Tiggo Pro 7 has considerably less noise, vibration, and harshness compared to what I have driven before. On long road trips on NLEX or SCTEX I can’t really feel if the ride is bumpy but how I assess the cars that I try out is when I hit the tiresome roads of Manila. I can honestly say in comparison to the others I’ve driven before, that the Tiggo Pro 7 has less noise, vibration, and harshness leaving me with less fatigue and stress- Another A plus, for a busy girl like myself.

On top of all these, which should be my priority to begin with, is that the dimensions of this vehicle left me with the feeling of safety- something that other female drivers prioritize as well. I could see everything around me with minimal head movements along with the helpful inclusions of its rear cameras.

In totality, I am so impressed with what I see and feel when I drive the Chery Tiggo Pro 7. As a consumer, I look at my comfort and safety levels, how enjoyable it actually is to drive, its amenities, and of course its overall looks that I put a premium to… and it checks all those boxes with high marks. Falling in love with this handsome ride from Chery, I named this teal magic, Chery Amour.

(The author is a taekwondo champion who is starting to get the hang of testing cars)

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