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Petron powers 1st Philippine Overland Expedition

Petron powers 1st Philippine Overland Expedition


Industry leader Petron Corporation is presenting the Petron Philippine Overland Expedition, happening on October 12-16, 2022. The first of its kind in the country, this year’s overland event is themed the Pacific Coast Challenge.

Designed for off-road enthusiasts, the event will feature the Overland Challenge that will see 4×4 vehicles navigating slippery trails and terrains while competing for prizes. On the other hand, families and friends just wanting to travel and enjoy the off-road camping experience can participate in the Overland Expo.

As event presentor, Petron is shining the spotlight on its fuels and lubricants that are specially formulated to meet the exacting demands of the off-roading community. Typically, their rugged 4-wheel drive vehicles are powered by turbocharged diesel engines capable of carrying heavy loads. With Petron Rev-X HTP, Petron Turbo Diesel, and Petron DieselMax, the overlanders can ensure the peak performance of their vehicles, so they can enjoy this adventure to the full.

To prepare their vehicles for the rigors of the Petron Philippine Overland Expedition, all participating vehicles will benefit from an engine tune-up using the top-of-the-line Petron Rev-X HTP, a high-premium fully synthetic 5W-40 engine oil that offers High Temperature Protection (HTP). It is highly recommended for high-performance diesel engines. Its Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil offers significant advantages over mineral base oils as its outstanding oxidation and thermal stability reduce engine stress. Petron Rev-X HTP is also formulated with performance additives that help prevent soot and piston deposits, thus maintaining superior engine cleanliness and efficiency, while preventing wear and corrosion for longer engine life.

A high-performance and technologically-advanced premium diesel, Petron Turbo Diesel boasts a Cetane Number (CN) of 60, far exceeding the Philippine National Standard. Its high cetane and premium additive formulation allow Petron Turbo Diesel to deliver more power, better engine response, and improved fuel efficiency. For high-end vehicles with turbocharged diesel engines, using Petron Turbo Diesel delivers extraordinary engine performance and a more enjoyable driving experience. At the same time, older diesel engines will be able to achieve better fuel efficiency and improved emissions due to its rapid clean-up and power restoration formulation and combustion-enhancing properties. Petron Turbo Diesel is the perfect fuel for those competing in the rough and tumble of the 3-day Overland Challenge.

A high-quality diesel fuel formulated as a low-sulfur premium product, Petron Dieselmax delivers superior performance, particularly for medium to high-speed diesel engines. Petron Dieselmax has a unique and robust multifunctional additive that contains a smoke-reducing agent for instant and sustained cleaner emissions. It also has a lubricity additive to protect against engine wear. Its outstanding detergency helps maintain and improve fuel injection system cleanliness. Petron Dieselmax offers optimal engine performance, engine protection, and fuel efficiency for happy campers enjoying the Overland Expo.

Confirming its popularity among satisfied users, Petron Dieselmax is the best-selling diesel fuel in key cities and urban areas in the Philippines.

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Having served the fuel needs of the country for almost 90 years, only Petron has a deep understanding of the unique driving conditions on Philippine roads.  Its R&D team is constantly striving to create diverse products that will deliver optimum efficiency for every type of vehicle that meet the most stringent fuel technology and emission benchmarks in the world today.

As the country’s leading oil company, Petron takes pride in being the biggest oil player and only Filipino refiner with the local capability to formulate world-class products to meet the diverse fuel needs of Filipino motorists. Unlike other industry players, Petron—as a Philippine-based company— has the management flexibility and technical competence to create quality products that meet the needs of our countrymen, from motorcycle riders to tricycle and jeepney drivers, as well as everyday motorists and owners of high-performance vehicles.

Created by Filipinos for Filipinos, Petron fuels and lubricants are designed to meet the motoring needs of everyone.