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The beginning of the six-year term of a new President naturally creates questions about what impact his administration will have on the automotive industry. The auto industry, after all, plays a major role in the country’s economic development.
    To get an idea of what some auto industry leaders hope for and expect, PDI Motoring sent them 3 questions:
1)    What do you hope for the automotive industry under the Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos, Jr. administration?
2)    The administration of Bongbong Marcos’s father, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, initiated the Progressive Car Manufacturing Program (PCMP) but it was discontinued by the succeeding administration. Would you welcome an un updated version of the PCMP?
3)    What advice re the auto industry would you offer the new heads of the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) and the Department of Transportation (DOTR), if your advice is asked?
Here are the answers of selected industry leaders:

MIKE BREEN, Ford PH president and managing director:
1.    We look forward to continuing the collaboration with the government under President
Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. together with the rest of the players with the support of our industry associations. The automotive industry is one of the sectors affected by the pandemic because of mobility restrictions, so it is essential to support and rally behind programs and policies that will boost the automotive industry and make it a significant contributor to the country’s overall economic growth in the post-pandemic world.

2.    (We deferred answering question #2 as it’s about the government’s support to vehicle
manufacturing and we’re not in a position to reply to the question.)
3.     The DTI and DOTR have been supportive of the local automotive industry. My advice to the heads of the two agencies is to continue to implement policies that will help drive the expansion of the domestic automotive industry, rather than introduce measures that could dampen consumer demand and have the unintended consequence of disrupting its growth. Such measures drive away current and potential investments and create a vicious cycle of seeking the next panacea.

ERROL E. DUENAS, Chery Auto PH president:
1.    Our hope as part of the automotive industry has always been the success of government
programs that will benefit the Filipino motoring public. Quality road infrastructure, world-class transportation systems across the country, and innovative projects are in our best interest for a more connected Philippines. We are also looking forward to the government’s push for the use of alternative sources of energy to lessen our carbon footprint, thereby helping our environmental sustainability goals.
2.     Any government programs designed to innovate the automotive sector are highly

supported by Chery Auto Philippines. We’re a fast-growing enterprise and we hope to upgrade the trajectory more in the next few years or even decades through these plans. While these initiatives are extremely helpful for the industry, the end beneficiary is the Filipino motorist and commuter. These programs will best cater to the mobility needs of every Filipino.
3.     We look forward to the noble intent of DTI for consumer protection and DOTR for
transportation systems will continue to flourish, ensuring that every consumer will have access to quality products and services.

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