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X-1R Octane Booster lowers fuel cost

X-1R Octane Booster lowers fuel cost

By Harold Dick Ledda

With the sudden global increase in fuel prices, Southeast Asia has been impacted like the rest of the world and prices at the pumps have sky rocketed. Fuel prices keep rising unstoppably and for most of us who still rely on fossil fuel to get about our day, this burden is getting heavier with no end in sight.

Seen on the graph below is the increasing trend of the fuel prices from March to July this year. In January this year, fuel prices range only from 50 up to 60 pesos per liter but currently at an astonishing 80 to 100 pesos per liter.


The graph below, on the other hand, shows the trend of the fuel price under Mr. Rodrigo Duterte’s administration:


To save money, motorists have been tempted to pump lower grade fuels despite the danger of suffering power loss and increased noise from the engine. Running on a lower grade fuel will eventually damage the engine as the combustion process causes pinging and excess carbon build-up, it will be catastrophic for the car in the long run. Penny-wise and pound-foolish, as the idiom goes. This is why some motorists have started to put an Octane Booster into their cars and hopefully avoid any damage.

Southeast Asia has seen a massive increase in the amount of Octane Booster on sale, most in fancy looking brightly colored packaging designed to catch the buyer’s eye. When you read the details on the packaging, they all talk about being able to significantly increase the Octane or RON of a fuel by significant, sometimes fantastic, amounts. The trouble is how do we, the ordinary motorist, know which is the best and which one really delivers.

In a way the answer to that question is easy, you send samples to a lab and get them tested, so that is precisely what X-1R Global Ltd did. To know just how well X-1R compared to all of its competitors in the market, it sent samples for comparative testing at a prestigious laboratory in Singapore called Intertek – Caleb Brett, using the ASTM D2699 protocol to test the Octane of a fuel.

They gathered up a number of its competitor products from around South East Asia and sent these along with a representative sample of fuel, in this case Petronas RON95, down to Singapore with the aim of testing its competitors claims, just how good are they really. For each of the products to be tested Intertek added 60ml to 1000ml of fuel and then sat back and waited for the results of the ASTM designed test.

Once again X-1R came out on top and by quite a margin as well. In this test when using X1R Octane Booster, the octane rating of the sample Petronas fuel went from RON 95.8 to a whopping RON103 which is of course an amazing result. But there is something else you need to know, X-1R Octane Booster is almost the lowest cost one on the market and has one of the best treat rates.

What this means is if you add X-1R Octane Booster to your fuel you will get a boost in the RON, an increase in power and fuel economy and a decrease in knocking and pinging, got to be worth a try. What it also means is that X1R really is the Best of the Best of the Best.

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Fuel used was Petronas Primax 95 which tested at 95.8 RON Protocol was the ASTM D2699 Test. Laboratory was Intertek -Caleb Brett, based in Singapore

X-1R Octane Booster, which has been formulated in a laboratory with the highest credentials (formulating solutions for none other than NASA), ensures that you get that extra bang for your buck. With just one dose, you can increase the octane number of the cheaper RON93 fuel by at least five, giving you RON98 fuel in your tank.

Not only do you get a higher octane fuel and save a significant percentage of your fuel cost, you could also potentially get more mileage out of each tank of fuel.

Here’s what one satisfied user, Henry Cunanan, had to say: “The octane booster is power! Normally, if I get a full tank, driving around the city, I’ll get about 300kms, which I thought was normal for an SUV. But using the X-1R Octane Booster, I filled up full tank, went through the same routes, and got 385km. I think I still can go farther but didn’t wanna push it. Plus, even when I use eco mode, the throttle is more responsive. Thanks for the recommendation, happy with it!”

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