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The new Cayenne Turbo GT is a big deal, following on from a series of older big deals. Twenty years of them. The Cayenne started two decades ago and shook up both the Porsche enthusiast world and the SUV market. Many thought it made no sense, that in had no place.

But the Cayenne developed. It started having different variants, with the Turbo and the GTS and later on the Hybrid, all marking their particular niche in the enthusiast world.

The New Cayenne Turbo GT is doing the same, making its name. For one, this is the first time that the name has “GT” in it, so that alone deserves attention. For another, it just took the crown of being the fastest production SUV around the Nurburgring. It comes only in the Coupe body shape, which is perfectly fine. We did see the coupe line as becoming the tip of the Porsche performance SUV spear.

It isn’t just straight on power, though yes the four liter bi-turbo V8 produces 640hp and 850 Nm. This means an SUV that does zero to a hundred in 3.3 seconds and can reach 300 km/hr. Harnessing the power is an even faster-shifting eight-speed variant of the Tiptronic S transmission.

All this power needs control, and the Turbo GT comes standard with all the chassis systems possible. This means performance but also safety. It can be adjusted through these systems to be the lowest riding Cayenne available. The three-chamber air suspension can be more rigid than ever, with the Porsche Active Suspension Management adjusting to match the demands of the driver. The Power Steering Plus and the rear-axle steering system have been adjusted to handle the increase power and the situations that may come from its application. Other systems are tuned ore for performance as well, such as the Porsche Traction Management and the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control.

There are certain specific details meant just for the new Turbo GT of course. There is a new look to the front, larger side cooling air intakes, a contoured carbon roof and carbon side plates fitted to the roof spoiler are all exclusive to the model. Very nice 22-inch GT Design wheels are a wonderful to look through and see the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes. The rear spoiler lip adapts and extends as needed, another unique feature.

The Turbo GT carries the GT badge, which as we said is a first for the Cayenne line. This means that the vehicle deems to be flexible and comfortable, as Grand Tourers should be. Continuously developing technologies such as the three-chamber air suspension, Chassis Control, stability control and the like allow Porsche engineers to make the Cayenne flexible enough to handle a wide range of demands. It can be the comfortable four-seat long distance travel machine, swift and stable. It can also set production SUV records on racetracks.

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