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37 gifts on our wishlist

37 gifts on our wishlist

Jeanette Tuason

To celebrate the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s 37th anniversary, we asked friends and celebrities to share what gifts they think of giving themselves or a loved one in the season of gift-giving.

Gifts for the home

For our loved ones who want to improve their home or home experience

1) Dyson Vacuum with pet groomer. Dyson has come up with their strongest vacuum yet, the Dyson V15. But what is so exciting is the upcoming pet groomer attachment. Making life easier for pet lovers is always a gift.

2) Marie Kondo Tin Dychiao. Decluttering is always in my “things to do,” but I have never done it thoroughly. I need professional help from Christine Dychiao, the only Filipino appointed by Mari Kondo to teach Konmari. She wants us to only keep the things that spark joy for us.

3) LG Tv OLED – Toyota Dealer Cosco Oben wishes to spruce up his “ManCave” With the newest LG OLED TV for a better “nothing box” (the way men relax by emptying their minds) experience.

4) Nutribullet grain cooker. Lexi Mendiola, an Influencer and Vios Cup Autocross competitor, wants to eat healthier next year, so she wishes for this one-pot wonder, which can cook your grains and steam your protein.

5) Baratza Encore grinder from El Kapitan. Car and watch guru Carl Cunanan thinks this is the best gift for coffee lovers. Gift of self love 2022 was a complicated year. It started with Omicron, inflation, rising dollar prices, the war in Ukraine, etc. But there is a lot to be thankful for, including thanking yourself!

Gifts of self love

6) AP interior decorator Nix Alanon started a pandemic business called Sourced by Nix, a one-stop shop for everything luxury. But for himself, he wants to source his dream Audemars Piguet watch.

7) Casa Juan X Kaayo Plates. You don’t have to wait for someone to give you the plates you want. Go ahead and buy yourself one. This collaboration between two Filipino heritage giants, Michelle Fontalera of Casa Juan and Marga Nograles of Kaayo, is a winner in design and in supporting local businesses.

8) An artwork you like. I have been following two artists this year, Jomike Tejido and Melissa Yeung-Yap, whose artwork is cheerful and gives a happy vibe. Yap recently had her 10th anniversary solo exhibit, which highlighted the heritage weaves from different parts of the country in different mixed media pieces.

9) Porsche Taycan. There are electric cars, there are sports cars, but the Porsche Taycan is “THE electric sportscar.”

10) Macallan 18 Sherry Oak Single Malt Whisky. Nothing soothes the soul better than a glass of great single-malt whisky. A suggestion me and Alvin Uy share.

Gift of beauty

11) Dyson Airwrap. Peugeot Brand Head Maricar Parco (wink wink to hubby) wishes a Dyson Airwrap to make her morning ritual faster and more fabulous!

12) Or a Personalized Dyson Supersonic- this blow dryer is worth the hype.

13) Marie France FMS Package. It will be nice if all the weight gain this holiday season comes with insurance. Yes, it can happen, go and wish for a Fat mobilization system or FMS, the landmark treatment to shed those pounds from the cochineal and ensaymadas.

14) Beauty Edit Vault. I still need to finish full-size beauty products, so I like the Beauty edit boxes, which give me various products without spending on the full size before trying. Their latest offering is the Vault, but hurry limited quantities only.

15) The Gift of Youth. Ulthera from BeautiqueMD and the Newest Software Treatment from Aivee Clinic. No one wants to have sagging skin, so if you’re going to make the women of your life happy, give them this once-a-year treatment that will make them love you all year round.

Gift of passion

16) Trevally speed boats, After racing, my husband needed another source of adrenaline, so he sold my car and bought himself a boat. But it was a good trade. This gave us more time to bond with our beach and sea-loving family.

17) Daytona Rolex. Ahh, need I say more?

18) Toyota LC 300. This has been on the wish list of a lot of men for a very long time.

19) Lego Car Sets. Alvin Uy suggested this would be a perfect gift for men who like cars and want to keep their hands and minds busy.

20) Sports Merchandise. Sports enthusiast Bobby Yan suggests no-fail sports merchandise to loved ones this Christmas! He is right.

Gift of health

21) Oasis Infra Red Sauna. Definitely one of my best acquisitions this year. It lessened my aches and pains after working out and helped me increase my immunity. Some racer friends who have the sauna claim it helps them recover faster after a grueling race weekend.

22) Ogawa Masterdrive Massage Chair. It was a pandemic buy but still something I will suggest to friends. Your-always-ready masseuse and great while watching Wednesday on Netflix.

23) Healthy Food from Healthy Options. Laus Group Head Honcho Lisette Laus-Velasco is giving the gift of health this season by opting to buy healthier alternatives to the Christmas hamper.

24) A trip to The Farm at San Benito. Troy Montero knows how to keep his wife happy by sending her on relaxation trips to her Favorite Drivable Destination, The Farm at San Benito

25) Treadmill. Aubrey Miles, on the other hand, wants to give her Mom a foldable treadmill. A great gift to keep our grandparents and parents active.

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Gifts for the car enthusiast

26) F1 Paddock Club Passes. My son went to the Montreal Grand Prix with his cousins this year, and it was one of his most unforgettable experiences. The paddock passes allow you to see the teams’ pits and meet and greet with the drivers.

27) Racing Rig. Who doesn’t want this in their homes and brag about to their friends?

28) Brixton Forge wheels. My husband JP suggests getting your car-crazy loved one some new shoes for his/her vehicle. I think he’s telling me something.

29) Fuel and toll discounts. Our Editor, who travels from Silang, Cavite, to Manila to work, wants to make the commute less expensive on fuel and to use the Skyway. So practical.

30) Victorinox swiss army knife for car. Another suggestion from our Inquirer colleague Jason Ang.

Gift for the family and community

31) Trip to Japan. The beautiful Sarah Lahbati’s Christmas wish is to have their whole family together in a trip to Japan soon, and it’s coming true. Have a safe trip!

32) Good Health through good food. Chef, fashionista, and restaurateur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu wants to keep providing her family with healthy food.

33) Double Stroller. Jewelmer CEO Jacques Branellec wishes for a looping Double Stroller because he and his wife, Mia, just welcomed baby No. 2! Congratulations!

34) Blaupunkt dashcams. ‘Mr. Skid Marks’ Botchi Santos suggests giving dashcams to your family and loved ones to keep them protected and covered.

35) Tablescape Queen Pinky Tobiano suggests donating to the less fortunate this Christmas. This year she wishes for blanket donations for her Home for the Aged Outreach.

36) I would like to suggest the gift of FORGIVENESS, let go of your past woes and baggage. Fill your heart with love instead.

37) And last, but most important, to wish everyone to give the gift of KINDNESS. A smile, a thank you, and sharing your blessings would improve the world.

Happy 37th anniversary Philippine Daily Inquirer!