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Lexus showcases ‘electrified future’ at Mitsukoshi, BGC

Lexus showcases ‘electrified future’ at Mitsukoshi, BGC


By Ronald de los Reyes

For the automotive industry, the future—clearly—is electrified. And just recently, Lexus Philippines, spearheading this direction among its local premium contemporaries, opened its mini showroom in Mitsukoshi, BGC to showcase its electric lineup. Here, guests are treated to ‘omoteneshi’ or unique Japanese hospitality, wherein the interior motifs of the place have been crafted to exude Filipino artistry with a mix of classy Japanese intrinsic vibe.

At the centerpiece of it all is the Lexus LF-30, the Japanese premium carmaker’s renowned full electric concept vehicle which will be displayed there until April 29, 2023.

For starters, this Japanese icon was part of the marque’s 30-year celebration last 2019 when the prodigy first debuted during that year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Eventually, the vehicle has the been the poster kid for Lexus, highlighting its superb craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology which, according to them, “take the form of bold and brave design ideas and propel the imagination into the future and expand a brand’s horizons.”

Personally, when I took a glimpse of the vehicle inside the Japanese-inspired mall, I was just awestruck as the cocoon-shaped stunner was simply surreal. Right before my eyes unraveled an elegant masterpiece of what is to become the vehicles of tomorrow. From its sculpted bumpers, complemented by its wing-shaped headlights forming the contours of the brand’s iconic spindle all the way to its sharp rear, it exudes exceptional aerodynamics and cooling performance.

Inside, based on the brochures, is an amalgamation of intelligent elements contributing to autonomous driving. Upon entering through its gull wing doors, one is welcomed by its “Tazuna” cockpit, its human-centered principle for interiors using next-generation interfaces, such as gesture control and enhanced vehicle information presentation through augmented reality.

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Moreover, it features the following: Advanced Posture control, giving complete independent control of the front and rear drive wheels allowing appropriate provision of front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive; a Steer-by-Wire System, which eliminates a mechanical connection allowing more flexible turning control and more precise steering feel aligned with the driver’s intention and Wireless Charging, which offers an even more convenient way of charging a Battery Electric Vehicles.

My short tour there was nothing short of breathtaking. It is—by simple definition—a prelude of what is to come. For now, visitors have a chance to take a glimpse of the Lexus LF-30 until next month. Or just visit the Lexus website at and its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram