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Aisin further expands in PH market

Aisin further expands in PH market


Aisin, a Japan-based Fortune Global 500 company with over 70 years of history in automotive-related technology, is expanding its foothold in the Philippines.

Recently, it showcased its comprehensive list of automotive product line during its Annual Dealer’s Convention.

At the exhibition, dubbed as “Drive to the New Horizon”, the leading global manufacturer of high-quality automotive parts celebrated its long history of pioneering innovation in automotive technology. The event featured its most iconic products since its founding in the 1940s, alongside current and future technologies, in partnership with its exclusive distributor in the country, Riken Motor Sales, Inc.

The marque has always been at the forefront of producing revolutionary breakthroughs in transmission technology and remains the top global manufacturer of transmissions. Its impressive industry-leading record in top-of-the-line transmissions has been strengthened with the inclusion of its 1-motor hybrid transmission in multiple battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid original equipment manufactured (OEM) models.

The company is a major supplier to many of the world’s leading automakers, including Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen, among others.

Also highlighted at the convention were drive train parts such as clutches, steering and suspension; brake parts including brake pads; as well as engine parts like water pump, ignition coil, fan motor, to name a few.

It also exhibited various top-tier automotive fluids such as lubricants like engine oil, automatic transmission fluids, and Super Long Life Coolant (SLLC), as well as hydraulics for both clutches and brakes.

In addition, the display included a selection of miscellaneous parts, including a four-variation wiper blade range and a filter range featuring oil, air, and cabin air filters.

Aftermarket strength

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Aisin also dwells on the aftermarket, which is one of its strengths. Under its wing is ADVICS. which produces complete braking systems—something that only few brake manufacturers have achieved. The recently launched fan motor outperformed many OEMs in cooling temperature tests, keeping engine radiator temperatures regulated with extreme efficiency.

For water pumps, it remains to be the leading supplier to Japanese car makers for many decades.

“We have always invested heavily in research and development to be able to provide a wide range of automotive components that are not only high-quality but also affordable and accessible to all,” Aisin Asia managing director, Yasuhiro Nakamura said.

“Ultimately, we aim to meet the growing demand for reliable and efficient auto parts, while also contributing to the development of the automotive industry in the Philippines.”