Sunday fun day, the Yamaha way

Ronald Rey M. de los Reyes

When Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH) invited its members to attend the first leg of its YClub Mania at Filinvest Tent Alabang in Muntinlupa City on a Sunday, it was a jam-packed event.

More than 1,000 riders from different parts of Luzon attended, proving once more the support Yamaha bikers are extending to the event YMPH regularly holds.

Yamaha riders were warmly welcomed at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang

Asked what were the reasons for them attending the event despite being a Sunday, there were various replies.

“I wanted to win in the raffle,” one rider admitted.

“There were fun games and dance competitions,” another said.

“There was a test ride of various Yamaha motorcycles,” even shared an eager participant.

True enough, participants of the event were not disappointed as there was a full pack of activities for the whole day for them to enjoy.

Motorcycle displays

“We have a motorcycle display, test ride, food stalls, raffles, forums, talks from renowned guest speakers and whole lot more,” said YClub coordinator and organizer, Joshua del Prado.

The preparations were laid out by YMPH way before the year started, and the festive atmosphere inside Filinvest Tent all throughout the day proved that everybody had a good time. All 1,000 of the Yamaha riders left the venue with big smiles on their faces and surely brought home good stories of the fun Sunday.

“That’s how much we love our customers. This is one way to show that we care for them,” del Prado added.

Club presidents share fun moments on stage.
YClub members since 2010

YMPH first established the YClub in 2010 with the goal to connect its riders from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Here, they share their passion for riding, particularly for their Yamaha motorcycles.

One example of how far they can go for their passion and riding together was an event in 2021, wherein they were asked to ride to various destinations nationwide using their Yamaha motorcycles.

Despite the obvious distance and restrictions mandated across the country, the members managed to ride on their own completing the 11-destination checklist. These destinations represent the stories of every Filipino rider who enjoys exploring and building a connection with others.

Idol Moto vlogger (right) share their inspiring stories with the crowd of 1,000 riders
Camaraderie and brotherhood

As a follow up to their previous activities, YMPH organized this YClub Mania, which will be held in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

“This first leg of the Y club Mania is about gathering and camaraderie of YClub members from different parts of Luzon,” del Prado continued.

Among the countless of attendees, there were about 50 motorcycle clubs.

“We’re like one big family here and we enjoyed the whole day of activities,” Club NDR PH president, Cherlyn Mendoza said during one exclusive interview.

“Recently, we just celebrated our 10th year as a club with over 2,000 members. We look forward to more activities like this and more riding years with my group and the Yamaha community,” she added.

Test ride of various Yamaha motorcycles were conducted throughout the day.

Meanwhile, Jun Castro, vice president of Yamaha United, for his part, shared: “We’re so overwhelmed with what we have experienced here. We were so properly taken cared of. We’re speechless.”

“We’re sure to give our best in bringing out the strength of the Yamaha brand.”

Another motorcycle club was likewise elated with how the whole-day of activities transpired.

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“We’re indeed happy here. We enjoyed everything. Thank you,” Allan Lucinario, president of Sniper MX Philippines said.

“Our club has been around for more than 10 years and during that span, we have been inspiring the riding community while promoting Yamaha,” he added.

“So far, we have a total of 20 chapters with over 500 members. We promote brotherhood, companionship and passion for riding.”

To cap this, British Victorian writer, Thomas Carlyle best said it: “The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession.”

And this was what Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. recently exemplified when it held the first leg of YClub Mania. As the company tagline says, Yamaha is “more than just a ride.”

YMPH further emphasized, like what the famous essayist reiterated, “the importance of living in harmony with one another.”

“The human race can share a sense of unity and connection despite differences in culture, identity, or beliefs.”

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