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Espresso shot on wheels

Espresso shot on wheels


The Suzuki S-Presso AGS is compact yet packed with power

Just like a strong shot of espresso that delivers a burst of energy, the Suzuki S-Presso Auto Gear Shift (AGS) is a compact powerhouse that is set to redefine the city driving experience. This compact hatchback shares more than just a similar-sounding name with the beloved espresso coffee—it’s compact, full of power, and ready to awaken motorists’ senses on the road.

Don’t be fooled by its small size—the S-Presso AGS packs a punch when it comes to performance, thanks in large part to the car’s new K10C Engine with VVT and Dualjet technology that delivers impressive acceleration and agility.

The AGS feature takes the driving experience to a whole new level, offering seamless gear shifts that ensure a smooth and exhilarating ride.

This compact powerhouse packs a punch.

“The S-Presso AGS is a representation of what a Suzuki vehicle is all about—stunning aesthetics, a powerful engine, high safety standards, agility, drivability, functionality, and fuel-efficient in one vibrant compact vehicle,” said Norihide Takei, director and general manager for Automobile of Suzuki Philippines.

One of the things that makes the new S-Presso AGS appealing is its exceptional fuel efficiency. Designed with the modern driver in mind, this car is engineered to go the extra mile without breaking the bank. During internal test drives, the S-Presso AGS showcased an outstanding fuel efficiency of 25.3 km/l, making it an economical choice.

These impressive features were put to the test during a recent media test drive to Baguio. Kicking off from the new Suzuki Auto Taguig dealership in Manila, the long drive covered a challenging 271-kilometer journey through winding roads and foggy terrain in Baguio.

Travelling 271-kilometers enroute to Baguio.

While the S-Presso is primarily built for city driving, the media drive aimed to demonstrate that the small car can also be a dependable partner on more adventurous outings.

During the friendly ecorun, which Suzuki called the “One Full Tank Challenge,” all 14 S-Presso cars in the convoy made it to the summer capital with half of the tank still full.

The winning car, however, got a fuel mileage of 13.72 km/l, still an impressive feat considering the heavy traffic that the group encountered in many parts of the route. It is also worthy of note that a fifth of the route to Baguio has some form of incline.

Safety is a key ingredient

Safety is another key ingredient in the S-Presso AGS recipe. Just as a barista takes care in preparing the perfect cup of espresso, Suzuki has taken every precaution to ensure motorists’ safety on the road.

Equipped with advanced features such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Hill Hold Control, this car keeps drivers in control even in challenging driving conditions. For starters, the ESP helps drivers stay in directional control in the event of wheel sleep when driving on sharp curves or slippery surfaces.

This feature was put to the test during the test drive when heavy rain fell, making driving along Baguio’s zigzagging roads even more of a challenge. The S-Presso’s ESP feature passed with flying colors.

The Hill Hold Control, on the other hand, prevents the vehicle from rolling backward for two seconds during standing starts on slopes. Yet again, this feature proved handy, especially on steep slopes in some parts of the drive up north.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is essential. The S-Presso AGS recognizes this need and offers seamless connectivity with its upgraded entertainment system.

The S-Presso comes in various vibrant colors: Sizzle Orange, Fire Red, Metallic Granite and White

“We introduced a new generation audio system with smart link display audio (SLDA), making it easier to connect smartphones via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The seven-inch touchscreen display allows passengers to easily view and access their favorite apps, navigation, and music,” said Kennedy Adia, the head of product planning at Suzuki.

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Just like an espresso shot is known for its bold flavor and intensity, the S-Presso AGS is designed to make a statement on the road. Its compact size allows for effortless maneuverability in city traffic, while its stylish design turns heads.

The S-Presso, with a manual transmission, was launched in the country in March 2020. With the release of the S-Presso AGS in June, there are now two variants of the compact hatchback: the manual transmission variant with starting price of P620,000 and the AGS variant with a starting price of P660,000.

An ideal first car

Suzuki believes that everyone should have access to quality vehicles, which is why it has established 72 dealerships nationwide. With a new dealership set to open in Baguio soon, the S-Presso AGS is becoming even more accessible to those seeking a thrilling and reliable driving experience.

The S-Presso is positioned as an ideal car for first-time buyers due to its affordable price point, particularly in the automatic entry-level segment.

“While the demand for SUVs is increasing, not all customers can afford them, making the S-Presso an attractive option. Its compact size allows drivers to maneuver the car easily in city traffic and park in tight spaces,” Adia said.

The car also comes in various vibrant colors, such as Sizzle Orange, Fire Red, Metallic Granite, and White, adding to its youthful appeal.

Takei said: “The feedback from the Suzuki community has been welcoming and encouraging, to say the least. This truly made us more excited to see how the new S-Presso will be part of Filipinos’ lives. Just like how the Swift and Celerio, our other subcompact cars, have been loved and become remarkable vehicles in the country.”