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How Jetour keeps its customers “Japi”

How Jetour keeps its customers “Japi”

Alvin Uy

With so many new brands coming out and the including the old ones fighting for your hard-earned money to buy their next new vehicle, Jetour Auto Philippines, Inc. or JAPI, the official distributor of Jetour vehicles in the country, is working very hard to make sure they not only get your business but also retain you by taking care of you and ensure your ownership experience will be a great one.

Despite being the newest kid on the block, Jetour isn’t a difficult choice for most buyers if they consider the merits of its numerous features, aggressive pricing and offerings, not to mention good looks, specially the Dashing model. I remember my friend calling me and was so excited while he was at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) this year and he bought two Dashing models because it looked like some European luxury performance SUV and offered great value. It was one of the most successful brand launches in the recent history of MIAS, booking several dozen units in the short four-day event.

But just like all other new car owners, after the initial high of purchasing the car, from signing off the paperwork and driving it out of the showroom, the feeling of familiarization sets in. You will be accustomed to the smell of its new interior, and as you use the vehicle more regularly, everything becomes more routine. Along with regular use, the wear and tear set in and just like all new vehicles, regular visits to the dealership become something of an unwelcome chore.

The most important part in the life cycle of a new vehicle are the first few years of owning a vehicle. That is why Jetour makes sure its newly minted customers can relax by working toward providing its customers with a transparent aftersales service for their continued peace of mind, which is their first big investment in the brand. The brand made its own big investment in the aftersales and technical training of all its dealerships to make sure they retain and get repeat “JAPI” customers by introducing an innovative six-year Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) payment schedule designed to be light on its customers’ budgets. This PMS schedule goes hand-in-hand with Jetour’s TRAVEL+ philosophy which aims to ensure Jetour owners create lasting memories with their drives and journeys.

“Jetour Auto Philippines aims to position its prices at very affordable rates for every Filipino to make car ownership a hassle-free experience,” says JAPI aftersales director, Eryx Guiang. “Through this structured service schedule, Jetour owners can plan their expenses based on the servicing needs of their vehicles. JAPI will be open with our service rates which will have reasonable pricing. Moreover, PMS parts availability will be assured so that every Jetour vehicle on the road will receive the care and attention needed for reliable and worry-free driving,” adds Guiang.

Jetour says that its vehicles require only twice-a-year PMS divided into 5,000 kilometer intervals to ensure long-term reliability and optimum performance. JAPI designed this comprehensive service calendar to ensure that the vehicle’s engine oil will perform at its best, allowing it to protect and lubricate the engine’s internal parts from the harsh conditions encountered each day during traffic or long drives.

Furthermore, regular PMS is a guarantee that every Jetour vehicle’s components are checked or replaced as necessary.

The first year of a Jetour ownership shows two servicing schedules at 5,000 and 10,000 kilometers. A quick oil change is done at each service interval. JAPI’s trained technicians will inspect various car components at the 10,000-km interval to ensure they are all in optimum working condition. The two service visits in year one will only cost an owner around P8,000. At the 20,000-kilometer interval, PMS will include the replacement of spark plugs, the cabin filter, automatic transmission fluid, coolant, and other fluids. A Jetour owner will spend a little over P15,000 in year two for the 15,000 and 20,000-km service intervals.

Now the lifecycle enters into a more mature stage and on its third year of ownership, or as the vehicle reaches 25,000 and 30,000-kilometer driving distance, cost of PMS is within the range of P8,000. By year four, or at the 35,000 and 40,000-km service marks, the budget increases to around P18,000. By this time, there is a need to replace the all-important serpentine belt aside from the oil change. The belt replacement ensures the engine’s various accessories and ancillaries work in sync with the combustion process.

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On its fifth year, cost averages around an P8,000-budget, again to include both oil changes and PMS done at the 45,000 and the 50,000-km service intervals. On the sixth year, along with the oil changes, the replacement parts include the spark plugs and cabin filter aside from the ATF and various fluids at the 60,000-km interval.

In total for the initial six years, Jetour customers will only spend about P75,000 which translates to an average of about P1,000 a month. This would slightly vary from model-to-model and this is inflation adjusted but of course the caveat excludes any substantial shifts in the economic situation in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, consumables such as brake pads are not included in the computation as these depend on the vehicle’s actual usage, driving habits, and the prevailing driving conditions.

The entire Jetour lineup includes the seven-seater X70 in Journey, Travel, and Sport variants, the seven-seater X70 Plus, the Dashing subcompact crossover, and the Ice Cream Battery Electric Vehicle. For more information, you may contact Jetour’s 16 authorized dealerships nationwide.