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Toyota Vios Cup returns with new twist and thrills

Toyota Vios Cup returns with new twist and thrills

Ronald Rey M. de los Reyes


The 2023 edition of the Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Vios Cup returned with new thrills as the Circuit Championship and Autocross Challenge season opener capped off this weekend at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga.

“This is always an exciting event every year. It’s also a joy to bring racing fans a great show. For this year’s Vios Cup, watch out for exciting surprises,” Toyota Motor Philippines president, Atsuhiro Okamato said.

Leg 1 fulfilled its promise to be exciting as the Circuit Championship filled up the starting grid with 27 racers from the Super Sporting, Sporting and Promotional Classes.

Here, racers battled it out in three races to determine the top drivers in each class.

Super Sporting Class

The Super Sporting Class pitted nine drivers, namely: Gerard Loy, Red Diwa, John Dizon, Bryan Co, Joaquin Garrido, Troy Montero, Royce Sarmiento, Ian Rosales and Lord Seno.

In Race 1, Gerard Loy of R Racing Team outclassed other drivers finishing first. He was followed by Red Diwa and John Dizon, coming in second and third, respectively.

The tables–meantime– were turned in Race 2 as John Dizon dominated by finishing 14 seconds ahead of second placer, Joaquin Garrido. Filling up the final spot on the podium was Red Diwa.

Toyota Team Cebu’s Ian Rosales topped Race 3. While Gerard Loy finished in second and Bryan Co in third.

Sporting Class

For the sporting class, drivers dueling out were Russell Cabrera, Maila Alivia, Michael Kailani Jordan, Marky Young, Jiro Garbes and Darrel Garbes. Last year’s promotional champion, Jay Lao of OTR Racing Team and Alan Palacios were expected to add new excitement in the class. Meanwhile, the entry of Junior karting champion Bern Corpino of Toyota Balintawak–Obengers Racing seemed promising.

In race 1, Toyota Team Cebu’s Russell Cabrera outmaneuvered his competition by eight seconds, following him were Maila Avilia and Alan Palacios in second and third.

For race 2, it was again Cabrera topping his class, followed by Jay Lao and Maila Alivia.

Meantime, Junior karting Bern Corpino showed his youth and energy as he topped Race 3. Following him was Michael Keilani Jordan and Maila Alivia.

Promotional Class

The Promotional Class crown, on the other hand, were tightly contested in the seven-car grid of Jarond Mesina, Bong Garbes, Paolo Ayo, Chris Gleeson, Julia de los Angeles and Alain Alzona. Celebrities filling the grid were TGR Autocross alum, Ezo Pineda and host Ryan Agoncillo.

In Race 1, Alain Azona bagged first place, while coming in second was Jarond Mesina and Paolo Ayo finished in third.

Race 2 action, meantime, saw Mesina topping the class, while Bong Garbes and Paolo Ayo filled up the podium in second and third places.

For Race 3, Mesina again finished first, followed by Alain Alzona and Bong Garbes.

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To make things more exciting, an endurance race will be introduced in the Circuit Championship’s leg 3 on November.

Leg 1 Autocross action

New faces, meantime, added the lineup of this year’s Autocross Challenge.

Online stars Macoy Dubs and Genesis Redido joined this year’s class, along with cyclist Ezra Domingo, and sportscaster Apple David. Newcomer Megan Young also showed beauty and grace on the track.

Drivers from the media likewise competed for top honors in their respective Leg 1 categories.

For the Sporting Media, C! Magazine’s Siegwald Go topped the category. Coming in second was Visor’s Justin Young, while third was Autocar Magazine’s John Rey San Diego.

The Promotional Media, meantime, saw Zigwheel’s Patricia Tenorio capturing her class’ crown. She was followed by Philkotse’s Cesar Miguel and Topgear Ph’s Riz Javier.

Miguel Romulo, on the other hand, finished first for the Sporting Influencers, followed by Lexi Mendiola and Reph Bangsil.

For Promotional Infuencers, an all-girl podium was witnessed as Bianca Yao captured the crown, followed by Arianne Bautista and Apple David.