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Ferrari and Ramon Ang ensure a future of enthusiasm

Ferrari and Ramon Ang ensure a future of enthusiasm


There were two things that they made the most significant impressions at the launch of the new Ferrari partnership with Ramon Ang and the San Miguel Corporation and Italian Marque Ferrari the other evening.

As impressive as these two things were, they were not the beautiful muted blue and bright red Ferrari 296 GTS sportscar or the white sumptuously shaped four-door Purosangue that sat in the new facility just off EDSA outside Wack Wack Village. Though those were, of course, hugely impressive and achingly gorgeous.

The two things I am talking about were upstairs and rather less showy.

The first came after Dieter Knechtel, President for Ferrari Far East and Middle East, spoke privately about Mr. Ang’s rather special combination of automotive enthusiasm and business passion and why that was, he said, what makes people so successful. It came after Mr. Knechtel talked about the different new cars and the new technologies and the new opportunities of Ferrari, and how the Philippines was clearly a market ready to grow.

The first thing that made the most significant impression came when Mr. Ang stood up and spoke about fixing cars.

He stood up and pointed to the photos of different classic and vintage Ferraris, the prints sitting appropriately on artist’s easels, and spoke about how important it was to keep these rolling works of art running, and how hard it has been to do so for most local owners. And how he would put in a system that would address that. Regardless of where they bought it.

Because, basically, this is just what should be done. But he did it by pausing and talking, with no script or preparation really, about each car and using it as an example.

Leadership is a responsibility to do more, not a reason to do less.

This shows that a historic marque is in the right hands. And it isn’t about sales or numbers or profit necessarily. It is about proper responsibility.

The second thing that left the most significant impression came when Ramon Ang came back into the room, and walked behind his son, who was sitting to the side quietly and deferentially in support of his father, and paused almost imperceptibly and put his hand on his son’s shoulder. It came when Mr. Ang spoke of the classic Ferraris with ease but then wanted to go deep into the details of one of the more modern cars. It came when he casually asked his son which specific variant he meant, and when his son answered immediately and precisely to his father.

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This spoke of mentorship, of leadership, understanding that responsibility extends further than most people even know, of knowing that leadership doesn’t mean you know everything but you should know where to look or who to ask. And just in case no one realizes it, this may well be more important to entities like Ferrari than anything else. Because they understand the responsibility of history.

So yes it is wonderful that Ferrari comes back with strength and solidity into the country. It is great that it will support owners and not just buyers with a structure that is appropriate to the brand. It will be awesome to see more of these cars on the road and enjoyed, and bringing joy to those that drive them up, also to those that love them and indeed just see them.

But all those are end results. They come from passion and vision and the understanding of responsibility and guidance.

And that is how great grows.