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MOVE IT Demonstrates Commitment to Road Safety through Rider Training Program

MOVE IT Demonstrates Commitment to Road Safety through Rider Training Program


MANILA, Philippines — MOVE IT, a homegrown motorcycle taxi company, reaffirms its commitment to road safety as it implements extensive training and skills development for its rider-partners.

This commitment is bolstered by a strategic partnership with Grab Philippines, enabling MOVE IT to intensify its high-level hybrid training sessions for rider-partners as they progress on the platform.

Recognizing the critical role that education and skills development play in enhancing road safety, MOVE IT has diligently designed a lifecycle training and refresher program for its rider-partners. This program includes passenger handling, pillion safety guide, road safety standard operating procedure, and emergency response. Educational content around these topics is also available on MOVE IT Academy – an in-app online learning feature.

“Safety is an integral pillar of our seven-point manifesto for every Filipino commuter. To deliver on this promise, every MOVE IT partner undergoes a stringent skills assessment exercise prior to going online on the platform. Once activated, we also ensure that our thousands of Kuya ng Kalsada have access to essential learning opportunities as they elevate their skills as professional MC taxi servicemen,” says MOVE IT General Manager Wayne Jacinto. “With the industry-leading technology and the comprehensive road safety education initiatives, our passengers can get to their intended destinations at peace and worry-free – relying on the expertise of their kuya ng kalsada in navigating busy thoroughfares safely and efficiently,” adds Jacinto.



Aspiring MOVE IT rider-partners undergo rigorous skills assessment exercises as part of the pre-onboarding process

Jacinto also reiterated that MOVE IT will continue to closely work with government partners, such as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), and other MC Taxi stakeholders to further elevate the existing industry standards on road safety.

MMDA New Task Force Special Operations Head Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija, for his part, said: “MOVE IT’s institutional safety training sessions represent a huge step towards creating a safer environment for our riders and passengers. More importantly, these types of initiatives support our agency’s efforts to reduce road accidents. Aside from serving commuters to efficiently travel through traffic gridlock, all industry players and stakeholders must work together to maintain above-par safety practices and discipline – and we are thankful that MOVE IT is taking this role very seriously.”

Putting a high premium on road safety, MOVE IT also touts an industry-leading mobile app -packed with safety features for both rider-partners and passengers. Among the safety features on the MOVE IT App are:

  • In-app internet calling, which allows passengers and riders to communicate sans the need for a third-party chat app.
  • 24/7 Safety Center for round-the-clock emergency assistance for both rider-partners and passengers.
  • Emergency Button which enables passengers to send a location alert to their emergency contact or law enforcement with just a tap
  • Share-My-Ride, which shares trip details and a live GPS location to chosen contacts until passenger goes offline
  • Facial Authentication, which effectively verifies the identity of online MOVE IT riders before they ply the roads

Through MOVE IT’s road safety skills development programs and in-app safety features, more than 99.99% of rides on the platform occur without safety incidents.

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You may download the new MOVE IT app via the Google Play Store and App Store.



MOVE IT, a homegrown transportation solutions provider is a ride-hailing platform that provides safe, honest, and affordable motorcycle taxi services. MOVE IT is one of three platforms allowed in the pilot study of the motorcycle taxi industry in the Philippines. It is committed to upholding the livelihood and welfare of its rider-partners through competitive income opportunities, bonus schemes, and insurance packages. MOVE IT proudly maintains low commission rates that allow rider-partners to take home high net earnings for their families.