Sunday kind of love

Mikko David
Enthusiasts bond together, ogling the package under the hood of a sports car.

Filipinos usually hold Sundays in high regard. Not only is this church day for the predominantly Catholic population, but it is also a day to spend quality time with the family – immediate and extended.

But for some, Sundays have become the only day in the week to enjoy seat time with their most precious possessions their cars.

For obvious reasons, Sundays have become the de facto drive days for those who own “special cars.” Traffic is relatively light on Sundays, and like-minded car enthusiast take advantage of the open roads to savor their rides.

One usual meet-up place for those with weekend wheels is the gas station at the corner of EDSA and Dasmarinas Village in Makati. Here, sports cars gather early Sunday morning and drive up to Tagaytay and back to Manila. With the recent opening of the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange, seeing more of them do these regularly wouldn’t be surprising.

Another obscure place you might spot a group of sports car owners on a Sunday morning is along Leviste Street in Makati City. Cartel Coffee and Pablo Bistro serve as chill-out joints for Mazda Miata owners. Along with breakfast, these avid sports car owners enjoy a healthy dose of talk shop about their cars’ latest mods. Some even take time to help a friend install an accessory or two on the spot.

Leviste is the place to go when you don’t want to be pretentious or just wish to appreciate cars and share stories about your ownership experience.

But if you’re after more exotic examples of sports cars or would like to see an ostentatious display of millions of pesos worth of prized machinery, hanging out at Wildflour’s 4th Avenue branch in BGC should be on your Sunday morning list.

Everything from Ferraris to Porsches and Lamborghinis, Mustangs, and even purpose-built race cars from then and now can be spotted parked or crawling along the street. If a cup of coffee and an order of Nine-grain Loaf and butter aren’t enough to fill your appetite, then savoring the sultry curves of classic and modern sports cars should satisfy your car-obsessed soul.

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Sunday mornings in BGC can also give you a peek at the future of car culture. Apparently, car spotting is a thing now as adolescents, even adult vloggers, and content creators flock to the area to gawk at and take photos and videos of sports cars and classics passing by. Some even chase sports cars along the street, live streaming the hot wheels they manage to see prowling the area.

You can’t blame today’s kids for being so enamored by sports cars they see in front of them. Remember, for those in their 40s now, we only saw actual sports cars on posters hanging on our walls or car magazines bought from Greenhills. Today’s teens are so lucky, indeed.

Sundays are anything but slow for those fortunate and passionate enough to own a sports car. A quick drive along SLEX and NLEX is enough to liven up the connection between man and machine. While some opt to chill and grab a cup of Joe on a Sunday morning while peeking through the restaurant window to see their beautiful cars parked across the street, there are still those who would prefer to drive the nuts out of them, speed limits be damned.

Let’s all appreciate Sundays for what they are, though: a time to relax and recharge our batteries for another busy week—a week when we can daydream about that next Sunday drive.