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BYD Officially Global #1 in New Energy Vehicles Sales

BYD Officially Global #1 in New Energy Vehicles Sales


BYD is once again the global New Energy Vehicle sales champion, exceeding its target of 3 million vehicles sold in 2023. This is the second year in a row that BYD has led worldwide electric vehicle

2023 also saw BYD register in the Top 10 of all automotive sales for the year while continuing to lead all other car brands and manufacturers in Chinese domestic vehicle sales.

The 3,024,417 vehicles BYD sold in 2023 is a substantial 61.9% increase from the year before. Of this total, about 1.6 million vehicles are Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), while 1.4 million are Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) made by BYD.

BYD also led Q4 2023 in global Battery Electric Vehicle sales with 526,409 all-electric vehicles sold, surpassing the sales of other BEV manufacturers in that period. This made BYD the uncontested BEV sales champion in the fourth quarter of last year.


Mobility Access Philippines Ventures, Inc. (MAPVI) is the exclusive distributor of BYD cars in the country. As an Ayala Corporation subsidiary under its automotive arm, AC Motors, MAPVI will spearhead the group’s sustainability goals and help achieve its Net Zero Strategy by introducing and selling BYD Electric Vehicles in the Philippines.

We at MAPVI are delighted and proud to witness BYD, our partners in sustainable mobility, achieve its targets for 2023,” shares Antonio Zara III, president of MAPVI.” With BYD’s strong support and presence in the Philippines, we can only look forward to contributing significantly to the brand in the years to come as it sets even higher goals.”

MAPVI’s mission is clear – we aim to make BYD cars truly accessible to more Filipinos by democratizing our cars and services while creating more avenues and touchpoints for them to understand, appreciate, and enjoy the clear benefits of Electric Vehicles,” adds Zara.

Exponential global expansion

In 2023, BYD’s international sales increased by 334.2%, with 242,765 vehicles sold in over 70 countries on six continents.

BYD Dynasty and Ocean series models achieved record-setting sales of 2,877,353 units in 2023. This is a 55.3% increase from the previous year. The BYD Han luxury sedan and the BYD Tang Real-time Electric All-wheel Drive seven-seat crossover belong to the Dynasty model line. The BYD Dolphin BEV hatchback and the BYD ATTO3 BEV subcompact crossover are key nameplates in the Ocean series.

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All four models are currently available in the country through BYD Cars Philippines.

BYD Atto 3

Championing Electric Vehicle Technology

Since 1995, BYD’s technological prowess has allowed it to become a leader in various industries. Starting as a battery manufacturer, BYD has expanded its expertise over the years to cover automotive and industrial manufacturing, solar power storage, and mass transportation solutions.

As the undisputed electric vehicle manufacturing brand, BYD is committed to providing eco-friendly and efficient mobility solutions for global consumers.

With its solid manufacturing expertise honed through the years and the support from global top-tier partners, BYD’s technology and products have been favored by numerous global consumers and given a multitude of product recognitions around the world.