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Jetour reaches 28 million Filipinos

Jetour reaches 28 million Filipinos

Ronald Rey M. de los Reyes
JAPI Managing Director, Miguelito Jose, proudly presents the company’s achievements in 2023.

Jetour Auto Philippines, Inc. may just be an upstart company in the country, with approximately 10 months running since its inception here in April last year. Nonetheless, despite being a young company, JAPI has surprisingly already managed to create a profound impact in the local industry.

Other than surpassing its target of selling 1,000 units by December and breaking the top 20 best-selling car brands mark locally, Jetour has already reached about 28 million Filipinos in the country. This was achieved in both the physical and digital spaces.

“With our continuous efforts to be a serious player in the industry, we have already secured a firm footing in the Philippine market,” the company’s managing director, Miguelito Jose said during his speech at Jetour’s appreciation dinner for the media, bank partners, and other stakeholders held at Enderun Tent in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City.

“It first started at the Manila International Auto Show last year. This was followed by the endorsement of the Kramer family,” the seasoned head honcho continued.

According to Jose, other brands likewise affirmed that despite the short period of time since its introduction in April last year, the brand has already established itself as one of the top-of-mind products among automotive consumers.

“So with that, we are very successful in promoting and doing the product awareness and information campaign,” he added.

Slew of new vehicles added in the lineup

During the event in Taguig, Jetour also introduced a number of new vehicles in the pipeline. In fact, right then and there, for everyone to see, was the carmaker’s newest Jetour Dashing Symphony. This limited edition five-seater modern SUV comes in its sole Aurora Green color, designed to provide an immersive premium experience for its occupants. One of which is by providing an enriched audio entertainment system, delivering a powerful sound while ensuring a seamless, dynamic, and distortion-free listening experience. This Symphony is equipped with a 10-inch, 300 watts RMS, 4-Ohm JL Audio subwoofer and a 400 watts RMS, 4-channel JL Audio power amplifier fitted at the rear passenger area. A JL Audio component speaker system is also installed on each of the four side doors, which includes two woofers and two tweeters, not to mention a trunk speaker with an amplifier.

Aside from its ‘eargasmic savvy,’ the Dashing Symphony sports high-end technology, such as: The intelligent lighting interactive system, multi-function external side-view mirror, panoramic sunroof, hidden sensing door handles, and the Smart Rubik’s Cube key with keyless entry and start system and remote start engine. Infotainment system, meanwhile, prides itself with a 12.8-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity.

Safety-wise, it carries an intelligent security system featuring lateral and backward collision warnings and 360-degree panoramic visual parking assist, and an integrated body electronic stability system.

While under its hood, it is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, with a maximum power output of 155hp and maximum torque of 230Nm.

This limited-edition vehicle is priced at P1,523,000.

Together with the unveiling of the Symphony was the Dashing plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

It was also disclosed that the offroader Jetour T2 and another vehicle are set to be launched this year, together with three more other new offerings in 2025.

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Next 12 months

At Jetour’s debut in April last year, the company has divulged that it plans to sell an average of 1,500 units every year. Now with 1,018 units last December and counting, that number is mostly likely to be reached come April this year.

Also, for the next 12 months, the carmaker targets to achieve a minimum of 75-percent sales growth, selling 3,700 units by year-end. 3,000 of these will be internal combustion engine-powered, while 700 will be electric vehicles.

For its dealership network, it plans to expand its dealerships in the metro from 5 to 10, while in the province, from 7 to 14 dealerships.

“We have to assess how feasible their areas are,” said Jose.

“We have to calculate the areas of responsibility, how many kilometers they would be apart from each other.”